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    Me: Imogen Ivy Faraday (39)
    -I went to college and have a degree in teaching, and I am now working as a 8th grade teacher.
    -I live in England
    - I have 2 younger sisters named Charlotte Caroline (37) and Julia Jane (33)
    -I have brown hair and blue eyes
    Him: Thomas Peter McCallum (38)
    -I met him when we were kids because he is Charlottes best friend
    -He has blonde hair and green eyes
    - He has 2 older brothers named George Nikko (40) and Henry Lucas (44)
    -He works in his parents tattoo shop

    Thomas and I dated for 3 years and then got married in the the spring. when we got back from our honeymoon in Paris, we had our first kid!

    Daughter 1: Ruby Nova (12)
    -Blonde hair and blue eyes
    ***2 years later***
    Daughter 2: Annabeth Helena (10)
    -Blonde hair an d blue eyes
    ***5 years later
    Son 1/ Son 2: Jude Foster and Finnian Jonas (5)
    - Jude has Blonde hair and brown eyes and Finn has Blonde hair and blue eyes
    ***5 years later
    Daughter 3: Gianna Bridget (nb)

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