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    Met DH: At a library

    DH's Initials: Jacob Crisdean R.

    DH's Age: 24

    Looks: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

    DH's Siblings: Two older brothers

    Names: Toby Lucas & Dylan Casper

    Currently: Has a degree and working as a professional footballer.
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    I meet him at a party.

    His name is Samuel Eli Christensen.

    He is 30 years old.

    Dark Hair Blue Eyes.

    He has two older brothers - Ben and William

    He works in the family business as a executive.
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    DH and I met through a mutual friend.

    His name is Silas Edward Connelly.

    He is 27 years old.

    He has dark hair and hazel eyes.

    Silas has two older brothers, Henry Arthur and Finn Orlando.

    He has a degree and is working as a doctor.

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    I met DH while supporting my brother Matthew while he was running a marathon
    His name is Sean Edgar Christian
    He is 27
    He has red hair and blue eyes
    He has a younger sister named Iris Mae
    "D - He doesn't work, he prefers to explore the world using his family's enormous fortune."

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    Where do you meet DH?
    6 - Supporting your sister Caroline as she runs a marathon.

    What's his name?
    4 - Initials are JCR.
    Jonah Chandler Reynolds.

    How old is he? 27

    What does he look like?
    B - Blonde hair, green eyes.

    How many siblings does he have?
    5 - Two older brothers.

    What are their names?
    Benjamin Riley and Lucas Flynn

    What is he doing when you meet him?
    A - He has a degree and is working as a software designer.

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