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    Me: Starling Rhea Linden (23)
    Occupation: advertiser for family business
    Siblings: Katherine Anne "Kate" (21), Margaret Jane "Maggie" (21)

    Husband: Eric Daryl Shipley (23)
    Occupation: back dancer for Beyonce
    Siblings: Jasmine Iris (28), Scarlett Mae (26)

    We met at my sisters' birthday party.

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    Where do you meet DH? (roll the dice)
    4 - At work.

    What's his name? (roll the dice)
    3 - Initials are SEC.
    4 - Initials are JCR.
    Sterling Everett Collins

    How old is he? (you choose)
    He is 27.

    What does he look like? (you choose)
    C - Brown hair, brown eyes.

    How many siblings does he have? (roll the dice)
    5 - Two older brothers.

    What are their names?
    Firsts & middles from:
    Tobin George and Augustin Lucas

    What is he doing when you meet him? (you choose)
    B - He is a famous dancer, like me.

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    Where do you meet DH?
    4) At work. He was the leading man in my next movie role.

    What's his name?
    5) Rhett Isaac Fitzgerald

    How old is he?

    What does he look like?
    B) Blonde hair, green eyes

    How many siblings does he have?
    4) Two older sisters
    Lila Iris (34)
    Jasmine Valentina (30)

    What is he doing when you meet him?
    B) He is a famous ACTOR

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    Name: Ryouma Itsuki Fujisaki

    Age: 26

    Appearence: Brown hair, brown eyes

    Siblings: One younger sister - Kaia Mae Fujisaki

    Occupation: He works in the family business as the CEO

    Met: Through a mutual friend
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    Part I
    I am: Caroline Margaret Tucker
    i am 27 years old

    i went straight into work in the family business, at a bakery, i decorate cakes and cupcakes
    I am in Ireland
    and i have an older sister named: Sarah Katherine

    Part II
    I met my husband, while supporting Sarah as she ran a marathon
    his name is: Emmett Daniel Sullivan
    he is 28 years old
    Emmett has dark hair and blue eyes

    Emmett has an older sister and a younger brother named: Lila Grace and Riley William

    Emmett is a math teacher

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