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    Sapphire Square Gated-Community Round 5


    Families 21-25

    Household 21: Married Couple

    Him: (45)
    Job: Computer Programmer

    Her: (48)
    Job: Geographer

    Kids: Roll 8 Sided Die for Number of Children
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: Roll 20 sided die

    Pets: None

    Household 22: Married Couple

    Him: (21)
    Job: Construction Worker

    Her: (19)
    Job: In College for Ecology

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    Before they were married he had 2 cats and she had 2 dogs (you choose size).

    Household 23: Same Sex Couple

    Him 1: (65)
    Job: Forensic Analyst

    Ex-Wife: (66)
    Job: Grocery Store Manager

    Him 2: (60)
    Job: Demolition Specialist

    Ex-Wife: (62)
    Job: Paramedic

    Kids: 6 Total
    Him 1: 4 Kids
    Gender: 1-3=Boys 4-6=Girls
    Age: Roll 20 Sided die and add to 20

    Him 2: 2 Kids
    Gender: 1-3=Girls 4-6=Boys
    Age: Roll 20 sided die and add 15

    Pets: 3
    3 Dogs (you choose size and breed)

    Household 24: Foster Parents

    Foster Dad: (35)
    Job: Health Care Administrator

    Foster Mom: (28)
    Job: Police Department Publicist

    Kids: 1 Biological & 6 Foster
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: Roll 12 sided die

    Pets: 2 Gerbils & 2 Fish

    Household 25: Same Sex Couple

    Her: (32)
    Job: Executive Assistant

    Her: (25)
    Job: Massage Therapist

    Kids: None

    Pets: None

    First and Middle Names
    1. (use Lamar, Herbie, Shelley & Gail for Inspiration)
    2. Boys:
    3. Boys:
    4. Starts with G
    5. Starts with N
    6. Boys:
    7. (generate new for correct gender and choose)
    8. (first or last name)
    9. 3 Letters Long
    10. (generate new name for correct gender)
    11. Starts with F
    12. 7 Letters Long
    13. Unisex Name
    14. Boys:
    15. (correct gender, Name Set: Hispanic, Country: United States)
    16. (scroll on top)
    17. (any celebrity on the list first or last name)
    18. Boys: (generate box of names and choose from top line)
    20. (from any of the lists on this page)

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Starts with S
    4. (masculine, transformer, danish & classical greek)
    5. Ricci, Neeson, Long, Canterbury, Weston, Ramos, Charles, Murphy, McCourt, Hensley, Drummond, Kressner, Ly, Rovello, Holmes, Johnson, Caine, Hutcherson, Guzman, Hudgens
    6. Contains an A and F
    8. Starts with U
    9. (rare last name)

    Pet Names
    1. names.php#.VhwIY-xViko (either gender, first or last name generated)
    2. One Syllable Long
    3. Carmen, Cleo, Boheme (if more in same family you choose)
    4. (pet's name)
    5. (feminine and all categories)
    6. (from this page)
    7. (any of the names going extinct)
    9. (male names, first name)
    10. (random name and change one letter)

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    Household 21: Married Couple

    Him: Chadwick Beau Heavygrazer (45) "Chad"
    computer programmer

    Her: Marguerite Kara {Holmes} Heavygrazer (48)

    Kids: 1
    DS: Valerius Asa Heavygrazer (8) "Val"

    Pets: None

    Household 22: Married Couple

    Him: Robert Cosimus Socorro (21)
    construction worker

    Her: Sakura Blair Ulrike (19)
    in college for ecology

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    His Cats:
    Tuxedo Cat: Ina (13)
    Siamese Cat: Dayveon (9)
    Her Dogs:
    Great Pyrenees: Heater (1)
    Cairn Terrier: Declan (6)

    Household 23: Same Sex Couple

    Him 1: Gordon Larson Guzman (65)
    forensic analyst

    Ex-Wife: Winnie Gladis {Ulrike} Guzman (66)
    grocery store manager

    Him 2: Jesse James Neeson (60)
    demolition expert

    Ex-Wife: Evan Taylor {Shiloh} Neeson (62)

    Kids: 6
    Gordon & Winnie's
    DS: Elijah Blue Guzman (36)
    DD: Aaliyah Elizabeth Guzman (32)
    DD: Catherine Faye Guzman (32)
    DS: Lance Claude Guzman (22)

    Jesse & Evan's Kids
    DS: Juan-Carlos Gray Neeson (26) "JC"
    DS: Tristan Jay Neeson (18)

    Pets: 3
    Smooth Fox Terriers: Carmen, Ruby & Hadleigh (11, 8 & 2)

    Household 24: Foster Parents

    Foster Dad: Bruce Nathaniel Drummond (35)
    health care administrator

    Foster Mom: Kimberly Reese {Jarvis} Drummond (28)
    police department publicist

    Kids: 7
    DD: Kailani Simone Drummond (9)
    Foster Kids:
    DFD: Manuella Georgina Sheets (11)
    DFD: Normana Clara Chares (9)
    DFD: Chantay Terri Bobel (6)
    DFS: Archibald Ozzy Jacob (5)
    DFS: Horatio Jack Harlow (3)
    DFS: Miles Kit Utz (7 months)

    Pets: 4
    Gerbils: Saber & Fonzell
    Fish: Sylas & Wild

    Household 25: Same Sex Couple

    Her: Terri Arabella Casper (32)
    executive assistant

    Her: Xantha Abigail Ulrike (25)
    massage therapist

    Kids: None

    Pets: None

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    Household 21: Married Couple
    Him: Austin Scott Szwedko (45)
    Computer Programmer

    Her: Ada Freda (Feathermoon) Szwedko (48)

    Kids: 7
    -DS: Adam Rick Szwedko (19)
    -DD: Emerson Lelica Szwedko (17)
    -DS: Enoch Bentley Szwedko (16)
    -DD: Caroline Nancy Szwedko (15)
    -DS: Abban Jarvis Szwedko (12)
    -DD: Arabella Julia Szwedko (10)
    -DS: Oliver Cary Szwedko (3)

    Pets: None

    Household 22: Married Couple
    Him: Delfin Nihal Bancroft (21)
    Construction Worker

    Her: Scarlett Violante (Ulrike) Bancroft (19)
    In College for Ecology

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    -Cats: Atticus & Oliver
    -Dogs: Kingdon & Brenda

    Household 23: Same Sex Couple
    Him 1: Graham Junius Ursler (65)
    Forensic Analyst

    Ex-Wife: Bronagh Marguerite (Snaketide) Ursler (66)
    Grocery Store Manager

    Kids: 4
    -DS: Malachi Christopher Ursler (38)
    -DD: Audrey Babette Ursler (35)
    -DS/DS: Park Martin Ursler & Clinton Bob Ursler (24)

    Him 2: Jeb Tristan Ulrika (60)
    Demolition Specialist

    Ex-Wife: Liberty Carenza (Jorgenson) Ulrika (62)

    Kids: 2
    -DS: Daniel Mark Ulrika (33)
    -DS: Carson Katsu Ulrika (22)

    Pets: 3
    -Dogs: Marijn, Baxter, & Moketoveto

    Household 24: Foster Parents
    Foster Dad: Gary Heremon Charles (35)
    Health Care Administrator

    Foster Mom: Fernanda Gloria (Greeneyes) Charles (28)
    Police Department Publicist

    Kids: 1 biological, 6 foster
    -DS (Biological): Dug Zed Charles (9)
    -DFD: Cady Emily Upton (9)
    -DFS: Andrew Cameron Lionhunter (9)
    -DFD: May Cynthia Jonas (5)
    -DFD: Dorothea Kim Ulrike (2)
    -DFS: Jamie Roy Zenon (2)
    -DFD: Riley Jane Ungur (2)

    Pets: 2 gerbils & 2 fish
    -Gerbils: Ayda & Shaun
    -Fish: Carmen & Cleo

    Household 25: Same Sex Couple
    Her: Caitlin Tyra Muir (32)
    Executive Assistant

    Her: Holly Nadia Garfield (25)
    Massage Therapist

    Kids: None

    Pets: None
    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Kenneth Tobias
    Joseph Terrence
    Samuel Eliezer
    Cillian Padraic
    Phineas Llewellyn
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Michael Thomas
    Arthur Henry
    William Ferris

    Possible future daughter names:
    Johannah Sybil
    Anna Louise
    Beatrice Laura
    Clara Alice
    Rebekah Sarai
    Sarah Kennedy
    Josephine May
    Primrose Dorothy
    Saoirse Niamh
    Cadence Snow

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    The Ulrike Family

    DH (45): Derek Donovan
    DW (48): Heather Celia

    DS (15): Elijah Braxton
    DS (10): Field Nicholas
    DD (6): Tessa Eden
    DD (3): Nicole Sky

    Derek and Heather with Elijah, Field, Tessa and Nicole.

    The Stuckey Family

    DH (21): Andrew Cameron
    DW (19): Keri Noelle

    -Dog: Caufield
    -Dog: Amya
    -Cat: Gayle
    -Cat: Tara

    Andrew and Keri with pets Caufield, Amya, Gayle and Tara.

    The Trahan Family

    DH (65): Martin Nereo
    Ex-DW (66): Faye Ocean
    DH (60): Roberto Lee
    Ex-DH (62): Ophelia Grace

    Martin and Faye's kids:
    DD (39): Primrose Gael
    DS (35): Francisco Seven
    DD (32): Amber Grey
    DS (25): Austin James

    Roberto and Ophelia's kids:
    DS (30): French Pete
    DD (21): Audrey Guinevre

    -Dog: Lexi
    -Dog: Boheme
    -Dog: Hunt

    Martin and Faye with Primrose, Francisco, Amber and Austin, Roberto and Ophelia with French and Audrey, and pets Lexi, Boheme and Hunt

    The Robinson Family

    DH (35): Shawn Hudson
    DW (28): Christine Giselle

    DD (12): Manuella Feliciy "Ella"
    ADD/ADS (10): Julia Marybelle & Beau Radcliffe
    ADS (8): Frederick Tru "Freddie"
    ADD (3): May Willow
    ADD (2): Sophia Xantha
    ADS (1): Ian Reinhard

    Shawn and Christine with Ella, Julia, Beau, Freddie, May, Sophia and Ian.

    The Svante Family

    DW (32): Bianca Faye
    DW (25): Caroline Anya

    Bianca and Caroline.
    Federica Maria. Italy. Teen.

    Rowley Pine // Brenner Fox // Raeburn Maxen
    Bexley Liev // Kian Daley // Leonardo Klee
    Wilder Harrison // Axel Caspian // Magnus Galway // Rainer Colin

    Clarissa Leire // Shae Locklyn // Maelys Cali
    Laken Persephone // Eila Beatrix // Raleigh Bliss
    Arabella Zelie // Cylia Jude // Evelyn Kahlo // Thessaly Maeve

    Current favourites:
    Tanith. Mahaly. Alea. Tara.
    Caedyn. Joshua. Kymani. Mathieu.

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    The Soultanian family

    Him: Simone Dreyfus Soultanian, 45 (computer programmer)
    Her: Clooney Julia Soultanian, 48 (geographer)
    DS: Andrew Nate Soultanian, 18
    DD: Ola Fawn Soultanian, 11
    DS: November Landon Soultanian, 7
    DD: Zsa Audrey Soultanian, 3

    Pets: None

    The Britton family

    Him: August Alexander Britton, 21 (builder)
    Her: Noor Gena Britton, 19 (studying ecology)

    Dogs: Vegas and Jude
    Cats: Cleo and Maddock

    The Mitchell and Sidhu household

    Him 1: Fox Jarvis Mitchell, 65 (forensic analyst)
    Ex-Wife: Rebecca Kesia Mitchell, 66 (grocery store manager)

    Him 2: Eli Seth Sidhu, 60 (demolition specialist)
    Ex-Wife: Genevieve Catherine Sidhu, 62 (paramedic)

    DD: Darla Ninetta Mitchell, 35
    DS: Nolan Peter Mitchell, 33
    DD: Najah Amanda Mitchell, 31
    DS: Finn Idris Mitchell, 27

    DD: Nolah Blake Sidhu, 32
    DS: Hilary Wally Sidhu, 23

    Dogs: Oprah Winfree, Nicolas Choffard and Jenson Poole

    The Upson household

    Foster Dad: Nilson Jess Upson, 35 (health care administrator)
    Foster Mom: Eleanor Jocelyn Upson, 28 (police publicist)
    DS: Marvin Westley Upson, 12
    DS: Gregor Bretton Ulrich, 11; DD: Guadalup Saffron Ulrich, 11; DS: Gerald Zackary Ulrich, 11
    DD: Karolina Darryl Ulrich, 10
    DS: Giovanni Alexander Ulrich, 8
    DD: Nora Nolita Ulrich, 5

    Gerbils: Thomas and George
    Fish: Bonnie and Boheme

    The Elias and Saba household

    Her: Cameron Amber Elias, 32 (executive assistant)
    Her: Rosa Amisa Saba, 25 (massage therapist)

    Simone and Clooney Soultanian with Andrew, Ola, November and Zsa
    August and Noor Britton
    Fox Mitchell and Eli Sidhu with Darla, Nolan, Najah and Finn Mitchell and Nolah and Hilary Sidhu
    Nilson and Eleanor Upson with Marvin, and Gregor, Guadalup, Gerald, Karolina, Giovanni and Nora Ulrich
    Cameron Elias and Rosa Saba

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