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    Jul 2013
    Leeds, Uk
    My name is Frances Louisa Turner.
    I am 27 years old.
    I don't need to work as my family is R-I-C-H and I'm a lady of leisure.
    I live in Leeds, United Kingdom.
    I have three older brothers! Alexander George who is 40 years old, Andrew Charles who is 37 years old and, Peter Stephen who is 33 years old.

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    Feb 2013
    My name is Imari Noa Mackenzie.
    I'm 23.
    I have a university degree and I am working as an editor.
    I live in my home country of Australia.
    I have two younger brothers named James Daniel "Jem" & Frederick John "Freddie".

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    What's your name? Lucy Virginia Cornwall

    How old are you? 26

    What are you currently doing? You have been a famous actress since you were 16.

    Where you do you live? The UK

    How many siblings do you have? Two younger brothers

    What are their names?
    Charles Matthew Cornwall and Nicholas Henry Cornwall
    Previous account: elrock13

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    Feb 2014
    My name is Clare Ava Moore.
    I am 22.
    I have a university degree and I work as a Speech Pathologist.
    I live in Nottinghamshire.
    My siblings are:
    Alice Jane Moore (26) and Peter Charles Moore (19)
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    South Carolina at last!
    My name: Dove Willet Lancaster
    Age: 22
    A - You have a university degree and are working as an OBGYN (wow at 22? I must have been smart).
    I live in Ireland
    I have two younger sisters (OMG that's what I have in real life!) named Alice Jane and Charlotte Grace
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, Cassian Micah, & Leo Matthias

    Finley Matteo, Parker Eloise, Eleni Sofia, & Viola Elspeth


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