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    What's your name backwards?

    I was cracking up at that thread about Semaj, which is James backwards. Maybe if we all share our own inverted names, we can come up with some awesome new baby names. Do you think any of them would be usable? Here's me:

    Airotciv or Ykciv
    Mom to Arienne Christina, Vienna Claire, and Clio Victoria!

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    I had to post on this!! My name backwards is.... Anna
    John 3:16

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    When I was much younger, my sisters and I did this on a car trip once. We also had to come up with pronounciations of our "new" names. Then we called each other that for the rest of the trip!
    Mine was
    Yeslek (Yease-leck)
    Nyl (Nile- like the river)
    It's going to be a long, hot summer but at the end will be a wonderful prize!
    Expecting a baby boy August 25,2012-tentatively to be named Avery Jay!
    Names I still love...
    Girls- Amelia, Keeley, Elliott, Margaret
    Boys-Lennox, Eli, Rory, Killian

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