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    Boy & Girl names that mean "miracle"

    This is for my best friend who's expecting a little miracle. You guys helped me name my baby girl in September, and I turn again to your expertise to help us. Do you know any names (for boy and girl as we don't know the sex yet) that mean miracle or something of the same spirit? It can be in any language.


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    From - they have a great "search for words in meanings" function. A search for miracle gives:

    ALAZNE f Basque
    KARISHMA f Indian
    MILAGROS f Spanish
    MIRACLE f English (Modern)
    NESSA (2) f Hebrew

    The 2 by Nessa means there's another origin to the name (I'm guessing this is the fact that Nessa is a Scottish nickname for Agnes, but I didn't check).

    I also think a little Mira would be cute for a Miracle girl, or Mila for a girl via Milagros.

    I'll look around and see if I find anything else....

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    Not sure the style you are looking for, but not a ton that mean, literally, miracle - but here's some I found with similar meanings

    Alazne (Miracle)
    Karishma (Miracle)
    Masia (Miracle of Jehovah)
    Pelia (Miracle of God)
    Grace (favor or blessing)
    Gwynneth (luck)

    Matthew (gift from God)
    Asher (lucky, blessed, happy)

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    A few more referring to specific miracles, if your friend is looking for miracle in a specifically Christian sense:

    Anastasia - means resurrection
    Talitha - the aramaic word for "little girl" that Jesus says when he raises the rabbi's daughter from the dead.

    Lazar or Lazarus might be good for a boy by a similar route to Talitha.

    And for either Jewish or Christian:

    Isaac: in the Bible Sarah laughs when she becomes pregnant with Isaac, because she was well past the age of expecting to be a mother, so he was a miracle of sorts.

    All best!

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    Nathaniel, Theodore, Dorothy, Dorothea, Theodora all have meanings that refer to "gift of god" too.

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