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    Your name: Kate Elaine Baxter
    Age when you started dating spouse: 23
    Profession: Elementary School Teacher

    Your spouse's name: David Amir Fuller (Dave)
    Spouse's age when you started dating: 24
    Profession: Architect

    You and spouse marry on April 19, the year you turn 25

    After 3 months of marriage, you become pregnant! A week after your first wedding anniversary, you welcome twin girls. You name them Emmeline Honoria & Marilyn Hilaria. Everyone calls them "Emme & Marilyn."

    When Emme & Marilyn are 3, you become pregnant again. On the 4th of November, you have another set of twins; this time it's identical boys. You name them Leevi Etienne & Kaarlo Stefan.

    Emme & Marilyn are 5 now, and Leevi & Kaarlo are 2. This year you have a baby girl! You name her Rowena Alexandrine.

    It has been 3 years since the birth of Rowena. Emme & Marilyn are 8, Leevi & Kaarlo are 5, and Rowena is 3.

    You thought you were done having children, but apparently you're not. On December 25, you welcome your final child, a baby boy named Snowden Gabriel Rudolph.

    So, it's been 5 years since the last pregnancy. Re-cap for me, how old is everyone now and what are their names?

    Emme & Marilyn are 13, Leevi & Kaarlo are 10, Rowena is 8 & Snowden is 5.
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