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    Your name: Gemma Eugenie Welles
    Age when you started dating spouse: 23

    Your spouse's name: Desmond Charles Appleby
    Spouse's age when you started dating: 24

    You and spouse marry:
    4. Spouse's birthday, 22.4., the year you turn 26.

    Pregnancy #1:
    After 3 months of marriage, you become pregnant! A week after your first wedding anniversary, you welcome:
    1. Twins, boy and girl

    Names: Theo Emmett and Eliza Juno
    Boys: First name (your choice), middle name from Nameberry's 'Today's Most Popular Names' section on the front page.
    Girls: First name (your choice), middle name is from .

    Pregnancy #2:
    When your first baby/babies are 3, you become pregnant again. On the 4th of August, you have:
    5. A single baby girl

    Names: Esme Anneli
    Girls: first name (, middle name (

    Event #3:
    Your oldest child(ren) is/are 5 now, and your youngest is/are 2. This year you:
    2. Adopt a cat (ginger tabby boy named Joaquin)

    Pregnancy #4:
    It has been 3 years since the last event. Your oldest is/are 8, your youngest (or middle) is/are 5, your youngest child(ren) or pet (if you have them) are 3.
    You thought you were done having children, but apparently you're not. On December 25, you welcome your final child:
    If you roll even, it's a girl. If you role odd, it's a boy.
    You can choose the names, but they must be somehow related to Christmas, Chanukah, another winter holiday, or winter itself. This baby must also have two middle names.
    Neva Winter Pearl

    So, it's been 5 years since the last pregnancy. Re-cap for me, how old is everyone now and what are their names?
    Gemma, Desmond, Theo (13), Eliza (13), Esme (10), Neva (5) + Joaquin (8)

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