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    Thanks so much, thetxbelle

    While looking at the London Telegraph birth announcements yesterday I was reminded of another name whose recent appeal I don't understand: Freya
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    Oh wow, this is too good to resist. I have a whole truckful of names whose appeal I can't understand.

    Avery -- this is a boys' name and sounds *awful* on a girl.
    Neve -- I'm always pronouncing it to rhyme with "Eve". It just doesn't look nice.
    Abigail -- old-lady name and too overused, along with nn Abby. I don't like old-lady names in general.
    Sarah -- you should just see the mental picture this name gives me...scary!
    Maeve -- another name that doesn't look nice.
    Ella/Elle -- sound unfinished, as if someone chopped them off the parent names with an axe.
    Isabelle (-a) -- too prissy-sounding. Reminds me of that stupid old pun "Is-a-belle ringing?" And the nickname Izzy...gag!!
    Chloe and Zoe -- they just look ugly to me.
    Savannah -- too southern. (sorry, lived in the south for years and have bad memories...long story.)
    Eunice/Eulalie(-a)/Eugenie(-a) -- more not-nice-looking names. Besides, they start with "Ew!"
    Hortense -- fortunately, so far out it will always be out. A horrid name to saddle a child with.
    Aaliyah -- there's just something about this name that really turns me off.

    The number-one worst girls' name ever? Nevaeh!! Pardon me while I lose my last meal.

    I'm more generous about boys' names than girls' names, but why would you name your son Homer? Makes me think of a taciturn, heavyset old guy in denim overalls, wearing a cap with the name of some truck manufacturer on it, chewing on a straw and mumbling in response to everything you say to him. (For those of us of a certain age, the most accurate mental picture I have of a Homer is Junior Samples from "Hee Haw".) Secondarily, there's Homer Simpson...cartoon or not, he's not exactly appealing either. Other boys' names I wouldn't touch: Clyde, Eugene, Horace/Horatio, Bruno, Caleb, Ashton (not bad in and of itself, but the overexposed Ashton Kutcher ruined it for me), Oscar, and Taylor (for both boys and girls -- seems every third kid was named Taylor, not so long ago).
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    Ciel -this name gets so many bad comments when it occasionally pops up on French boards because it's not actually a name. Would you actually name your daughter Heaven or Sky? I think this is the perfect example of something that sounds pretty but like Miette and Cosette, if your child ever goes to France people are going to wonder what you were thinking... Plus it doesnt actually show up as a name on French name sites.
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    Cordelia and Dashiell. What's to like?

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    I cannot stand Abigail or Freya either! Freya reminds me of curdled milk, for some reason. Like fromage freya maybe?
    Abigail to me is just fingernails on blackboard!
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