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    Apologies if this has already been discussed but I don't get the Dashiell craze on Nameberry all of a sudden... can someone please explain the appeal and how it's pronounced?

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    Wren is the worst name I have ever heard of.

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    @Harbs Here is a pronunciation, I'm not sure why the trend all of the sudden either although I am a big fan of Dashiell Hammetts and I think that must be who inspired the trend but Im not sure he's having a come back or anything...nice name but personally I think it's a little pretentious.
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    Raven. I really don't like the name Raven... which is bad because I have a relative named Ravin and it makes me feel bad. I don't really get the idea of naming kids after birds associated with death... but that's just me.

    I generally dislike Destiny, probably because I think the whole idea of destiny is a little cliché.

    Tristan--- reminds me of Dristan.

    Lydia--- plays the brat in movies/books (Examples: Pride and Prejudice), although it is a pretty name.

    I do not care for Gentrie. The sound is harsh and I can't quite wrap my mind around it. I know a few girls named Gentrie and all I can think is ick. (And then I feel bad... again.)

    Paul--- while it's a classic, I don't like it's one syllable. I find the "L" at the end to be awkward.

    I could go on and on if I really had a chance to think about it more.

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    Milagros - It is one letter off from being GROSS and it's in the top 1000.

    Neveah/Nevaeh - This is my pet peeve name. I want to slap every parent who cursed their child with this name.

    Aiden/Aidan - I always see that creepy kid from The Ring (though, conversely, I like Samara) and EVERYONE is using it. Why would you name a child something that every other boy is named?

    Isabella - I like long, multi-syllable names and when someone says they don't like my "mouthful" names, they throw this creeper out as an alternative. It has 4 freaking syllables and yet you think it's an alternative to Fionnuala which is 3? They aren't even the same naming style.

    Addison - I hate Madison and this is the same name to me. PLUS IT IS A BOY'S NAME.

    Chloe - I feel like I am hawking snot when I say it.

    Sarah - This is my name. I don't understand why it is so incredibly popular (top 10 for over 30 years) and is STILL popular (It was number 30 in 2010)

    Peyton/Payton - It sounds like someone is saying "painting" with a southern accent.

    Audrey/Audra/Aubrey - I HATE THE SOUNDS IN THESE NAMES, though for some reason I don't mind Autumn. Maybe because it reminds me of Tatum.

    Kennedy/Kinley/Any other president's name - Why o_O

    McKenzie/MacKinzey/etc. - No adult will ever wear this name proudly. Plus Mc-Mac names mean Son Of.

    Angel/Princess/Precious/etc. - Cute nicknames, not names. I hope they have a decent middle name to go by.

    Cadence - It just sounds so unattractive as a name.

    Zaid - o_O

    ANY names that have De, D', La, Le, Da, etc. added to the beginning (Example LaMarcus, DeMario, DaShawn) They sound ugly and the parents sound poor and uneducated.
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