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    Classic Katherine

    So, I love names so much that I wrote one of the most important essays I'll ever have to write about it: one of my college essays! The topic was "what is your favorite word and why". I thought some of you berries might be interested to see it . (Hopefully the admissions people will be, too!)

    A person’s name is arguably one of the most important words in their life; it’s a word that they’re associated with and judged by forever. One's name becomes, in time, one’s identity. Because of their sheer importance and gravity, I find names fascinating. I enjoy researching the etymologies and meanings of countless names as well as the trends in naming as a whole.

    Katherine, a cognate of a Greek word meaning "pure," is a name with a rich historical background and steady use throughout the years. In America specifically, it’s been in the top 150 names used each year since 1880, when the Social Security Administration first started collecting name data. Katherine and its other forms are widely used in other countries, too. England, for example, has been home to many a famous Katherine, and Katarzyna, the Polish version of the name, is currently quite popular there. Katherine’s wide usage increases its likability because it calls to mind strong women spanning multiple generations such as Catherine the Great, Katherine Hepburn, and the recently-wed Kate Middleton. Katherine's versatility also enhances its appeal; with an abundance of nicknames from Kitty to Kate, a Katherine can be athletic, feminine, artistic… anything!

    Although I’ve found countless beautiful names in my research, Katherine is my favorite; it embodies all the qualities I would want a daughter to have. The versatility of the name allows the bearer to be whoever she wants to be, and its familiarity and good associations make for likability and good impressions. Katherine is the name that I feel best portrays the image of a strong, independent, capable woman.

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    Very nice! :-)

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