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    Neighbourhood CAF (with photos)

    Your family has moved into a new neighbourhood after the birth of your youngest child. There are 6 other houses on your street, and your neighbours come by in turns to introduce themselves and their families.

    Street Names: Hyde, Lighthouse, Angel, Rover, Newfoundland / Cove, Court, Lane, Crescent, Avenue

    The (Knightly/Wilson/Ford) Family: #3 [Street Name]
    You (34): Kate, Angelina, Maria, Stephanie, Jessica, Allison (MN: Johnson, Greene, Chaumelle)
    DH (34): Frederick, Leo, Henry, Joseph, Finnegan, Andrew
    DD (6): Hadley, Demi, Zinnea, Ingrid, Penelope, Colette [child with dark blonde hair]
    DD (4): Ivy, Lorelei, Sybil, Charlotte, Lucy, Renee [child with light blonde hair]
    DS (1): Knox, Aaron, Spencer, Edmund, Declan, Noah

    The (Olivier-Burns/Williams-Tinpike/Vyniski-Jones) Family: #1 [Street Name]
    DH (39): Hector, Eric, James, Ian, Michael, Timothy [wearing black sweater]
    DH (40): Paul, Victor, Benedict, Reginald, Lucas, Isaac [wearing grey sweater]
    DAS (5): Sebastian, Adam, Robin, Oliver, Phillip, Archibald [wearing striped top]
    DAS (4): Anthony, Ferdinand, Shepherd, Flynn, Jasper, Thomas [wearing button-up top]

    The (O'Neil/Thompson/White) Family: #2 [Street Name]
    DH (50): Albert, Gregory, Mark, John, Nigel, Louis
    DW (48): Susan, Mary-Anne, Elizabeth, Nancy, Jacqueline, Elaine (MN: Smith, Lambert, McGregor)
    DS (17): Joshua, Ethan, Carter, Tyler, Benjamin, Sean
    DD (14): Hannah, Rebecca, Rose, Brittany, Jasmine, Caitlin

    The (Scott/Carmichael/de Rossi) Family: #4 [Street Name]
    DMom (40): Samantha, Emma, Ruth, Natalie, Hailey, Leah
    DD (15): Teresa, Annabelle, Zara, Naomi, Cassandra, Louise [wearing tank top dress]
    DD (13): Anastasia, Caroline, Rosamund, Eliza, Beatrice, Clarissa [wearing long sleeve dress]

    The (Parker/Callaghan/Brown) Family: #5 [Street Name]
    DH (33): David, Samuel, Evan, James, Owen, Nathaniel
    DW (30): Katherine, Margaret, Veronica, Olivia, Grace, Francine (MN: Montgomery/Fitzgerald/King)
    DD (6): Vivienne, Jane, Eugenia, Harriet, Dahlia, Poppy
    DS (4): River, Pax, Daniel, George, Wesley, Emmett [wearing grey shirt]
    DS (3): Jack, Ryder, Archie, Phoenix, Harrison, Theodore [wearing blue shirt]
    DD (nb): Rhiannon, Clementine, Violet, Pearl, Georgia, Thisbe

    The (Campbell-Andrews/Lynch-McGraw/Bishop-Godfrey) Family: #6 [Street Name]
    *For this family, the children have the same name as their father.
    DBf (30): William, Leroy, Nathan, Marcus, Damien, Avery (LN1)
    DGf (31): Yvonne, Roxanne, Emily, Patricia, Ashley, Mila (LN2)
    DD (5): Lillian, Nevaeh, Juliet, Willow, Francesca, Ginny
    DS (3): Xander, Cato, Jonah, Tristan, Reuben, Hank

    The (Lee/Kwon/Park) Family: #7 [Street Name]
    *For this family, list surname first. DW keeps her maiden name.
    DH: Kihyun, Sungyeol, Eunho / no middle name
    DW: Yoona, Baekhee, Seolgi / no middle name (MN: Kim/Na/Choi)
    DS (3): Minseok, Hojin, Jiyoung / no middle name
    DD (2): Dahyun, Ara, Soobin / no middle name

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    Street Name: Lighthouse Lane

    The Knightly Family: #3 Lighthouse Lane
    You (34): Kate Allison Knightly (MN: Johnson)
    DH (34): Henry Joseph Knightly
    DD (6): Hadley Ingrid Knightly
    DD (4): Charlotte Renee Knightly
    DS (1): Aaron Knox Knightly

    The Olivier-Burns Family: #1 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (39): Eric Ian Olivier-Burns
    DH (40): Isaac Paul Olivier-Burns
    DAS (5): Sebastian Phillip Olivier-Burns
    DAS (4): Anthony Flynn Olivier-Burns

    The Thompson Family: #2 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (50): Gregory John Thompson
    DW (48): Nancy Susan Thompson(MN: Lambert)
    DS (17): Carter Sean Thompson
    DD (14): Rebecca Rose Thompson

    The Scott Family: #4 Lighthouse Lane
    DMom (40): Samantha Ruth Scott
    DD (15): Zara Louise Scott
    DD (13): Beatrice Caroline Scott

    The Brown Family: #5 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (33): David Nathaniel Brown
    DW (30): Grace Margaret Brown (MN: Montgomery)
    DD (6): Harriet Poppy Brown "Hattie"
    DS (4): Wesley George Brown
    DS (3): Jack Harrison Brown
    DD (nb): Georgia Pearl Brown

    The Bishop-Godfrey Family: #6 Lighthouse Lane
    DBf (30): William Nathan Bishop
    DGf (31): Emily Roxanne Godfrey
    DD (5): Willow Juliet Bishop
    DS (3): Xander Tristan Bishop

    The Park Family: #7 Lighthouse Lane
    DH: Park Kihyun
    DW: Kim Seolgi
    DS (3): Park Hojin
    DD (2): Park Soobin

    amadea luz•annora piper•artemis ever•ayla echo
    daisy abilene•ekaterina lilac•eleanor anya
    elizabeth joy•ivy matilda•lilly jean•louisa brooke
    margaret quinn•milena eloisa•millie elisabeth
    nera catherine•zosia lee

    brecken steel•caleb dashiell•cody everett
    dawson tate•eden graham•elias falcon•ethan wells
    ezra ford•finnegan grey•malachi thayer•micah jude
    nathaniel emrys•oliver keaton•percy alaric•samuel clark
    sebastian clay•thatcher james•theodore grant•zerah daniel

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    The Wilson Family: #3 Lighthouse Lane
    You (34): Jessica KatherineJess” [Johnson] Wilson
    DH (34): Henry Frederick Wilson
    DD (6): Colette Penelope Wilson [child with dark blonde hair]
    DD (4): Ivy Renee Wilson [child with light blonde hair]
    DS (1): Noah Spencer Wilson

    Henry, Jess, Colette, Ivy, and Noah Wilson

    The Vyniski-Jones Family: #1 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (39): Eric Michael Vyniski [wearing black sweater]
    DH (40): Isaac Paul Jones [wearing grey sweater]
    DAS (5): Adam Oliver Vyniski-Jones [wearing striped top]
    DAS (4): Anthony Flynn Vyniski-Jones [wearing button-up top]

    Eric, Isaac, Adam, and Anthony Vyniski-Jones

    The O’Neill Family: #2 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (50): Gregory LouisGreg” O’Neill
    DW (48): Elizabeth Susan [Lambert] O’Neill
    DS (17): Ethan Joshua O’Neill
    DD (14): Rebecca Rose O’Neill

    Greg, Elizabeth, Ethan, and Rebecca O’Neill

    The Rossi Family: #4 Lighthouse Lane
    DMom (40): Leah Samantha Rossi
    DD (15): Zara Louise Rossi [wearing tank top dress]
    DD (13): Eliza Anastasia Rossi [wearing long sleeve dress]

    Leah, Zara, and Eliza Rossi

    The Brown Family: #5 Lighthouse Lane
    DH (33): Owen David Brown
    DW (30): Margaret OliviaMaggie” [Fitzgerald] Brown
    DD (6): Harriet Jane Brown
    DS (4): Wesley RiverWesBrown [wearing grey shirt]
    DS (3): Theodore JackTheoBrown [wearing blue shirt]
    DD (nb): Clementine Georgia Brown

    Owen, Maggie, Harriet, Wes, Theo, and Clementine Brown

    The Campbell-Andrews Family: #6 [Street Name]
    DBf (30): Marcus William Andrews (LN1)
    DGf (31): Ashley Roxanne Campbell (LN2)
    DD (5): Juliet Willow Andrews
    DS (3): Jonah Tristan Andrews

    Marcus, Ashley, Juliet, and Jonah Andrews

    The (Lee/Kwon/Park) Family: #7 [Street Name]
    *For this family, list surname first. DW keeps her maiden name.
    DH: Park Kihyun
    DW: Choi Baekhee
    DS (3): Park Jiyoung
    DD (2): Park Dahyun
    Julia Catherine

    history + Russian language student, lifelong name nerd, future mother

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Eulalia {Lou/Loula or Leia}|Rose
    Anna, Louise, Aoife, Kira, Charlotte, Caroline, Margaret, Nadia

    Luke|Alexander {Sasha or Sander}| James {Jamie} | Nathan
    Joseph, David, Quentin, August, Ira, Francis, Eliot, Leo, Erik, Truitt

    long | lists

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    The Ford Family: #3 Lighthouse Court
    You (34): Kate Maria Ford (nee Johnson)
    DH (34): Henry Andrew Ford
    DD (6): Colette Hadley Ford
    DD (4): Sybil Ivy Ford
    DS (1): Spencer Aaron Ford

    The Williams-Tinpike Family: #1 Lighthouse Court
    DH (39): Timothy Michael Williams-Tinpike
    DH (40): Paul Reginald Williams-Tinpike
    DAS (5): Sebastian Oliver Williams-Tinpike
    DAS (4): Thomas Flynn Williams-Tinpike

    The O'Neil Family: #2 Lighthouse Court
    DH (50): John Gregory O'Neil
    DW (48): Susan Elaine O'Neil (nee Lambert)
    DS (17): Joshua Tyler O'Neil
    DD (14): Rebecca Brittany O'Neil

    The de Rossi Family: #4 Lighthouse Court
    DMom (40): Hailey Samantha de Rossi
    DD (15): Zara Cassandra de Rossi
    DD (13): Rosamund Anastasia de Rossi

    The Callaghan/Brown Family: #5 Lighthouse Court
    DH (33): Samuel Owen Callaghan
    DW (30): Francine Margaret Callaghan (nee King)
    DD (6): Poppy Eugenia Callaghan
    DS (4): Wesley River Callaghan "Wes"
    DS (3): Theodore Phoenix Callaghan
    DD (nb): Georgia Rhiannon Callaghan

    The Campbell-Andrews Family: #6 Lighthouse Court
    DBf (30): Avery William Campbell
    DGf (31): Mila Roxanne Andrews
    DD (5): Willow Nevaeh Campbell
    DS (3): Reuben Xander Campbell

    The Kwon Family: #7 Lighthouse Court
    DH (36): Kwon Sungyeol
    DW (32): Choi Baekhee
    DS (3): Kwon Jiyoung
    DD (2): Kwon Ara

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    Three Newfoundland Court
    The Ford’s
    Finnegan Henry Ford, 34 ‘Finn’ + Allison Kate {Greene} Ford, 34 ‘Alli
    Colette Penelope Ford, 6
    Lorelei Charlotte Ford, 4
    Declan Edmund Ford, 1

    One Newfoundland Court
    The Williams-Tinpike’s
    Ian Michael Williams, 39 + Lucas Benedict Tinpike, 40 ‘Luke
    Phillip Oliver Williams-Tinpike, 5 ‘Phil
    Flynn Thomas Williams-Tinpike, 4

    Two Newfoundland Court
    The White’s
    Gregory Nigel White, 50 ‘Greg’ + Elizabeth Nancy {McGregor} White, 48 ‘Liza
    Benjamin Tyler White, 17 ‘Ben
    Rebecca Rose White, 14 ‘Becky

    Four Newfoundland Court
    The Scott’s
    Natalie Samantha Scott, 40
    Zara Naomi Scott, 15
    Anastasia Caroline Scott, 13 ‘Ana

    Five Newfoundland Court
    The Callahan’s
    Nathaniel David Callahan, 33 ‘Nate’ + Veronica Grace {King} Callahan, 30 ‘Vera
    Vivienne Jane Callahan, 6
    Wesley Emmett Callahan, 4 ‘Wes
    Jack Theodore Callahan, 3
    Rhiannon Violet Callahan, newborn

    6 Newfoundland Court
    The Lynch-McGraw’s
    William Marcus Lynch, 30 ‘Will’ + Emily Roxanne McGraw, 31
    Willow Francesca Lynch, 5
    Tristan Jonah Lynch, 3 ‘TJ’

    Seven Newfoundland Court
    The Park’s
    Park Eunho, 29 + Kim Yoona, 28
    Park Minseok, 3
    Park Soobin, 2
    ‣ jessica •
    ‣ 26, bostonian, psychology student •
    ‣ inspiring mental health professional •
    ‣ names, books, musicals, soccer, languages, & travel •

    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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