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    Create-a-Class: Debate Society

    You are the moderator of a high school debate society. Name the members based on the given criteria.

    Surname First Name Middle Name Male or Female
    Adams Greek mythology, deity Ends in "elle" Female
    Bailey Biblical, Old Testament Short form of a longer name Male
    Bell Classic, nickname-rich N/A Female
    Cooper Biblical, New Testament N/A Male
    Dixon Greek mythology, hero N/A Male
    Lawrence Peaked in the 1940s N/A Female
    Lloyd Variation of Helen Catholic saint Female
    Mitchell Short, starts with M N/A Male
    Morgan Unisex Surname Male
    Oliver Peaked in the 1980s One syllable Female
    Owen Italian Catholic saint Female
    Parker Same as Morgan's Spanish Female
    Price Same as Bailey's Biblical, Old Testament Male
    Simpson Biblical, Old Testament One syllable, traditionally female Male
    Turner Term of endearment French Female
    Valentine Modern invented name N/A Male
    Vickers Peaked in the 1960s N/A Female
    Annabel Miriam | Margaret Sophia

    Antonia | Cecily | Harriet | Josephine | Penelope | Victoria
    Betty | Della | Nora

    Frederick Magnus | Hector Adrian

    Benedict | Charles | Franklin | Theodore | Thomas

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    nowhere special

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    Julia Catherine

    history + Russian language student, lifelong name nerd, future mother

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Eulalia {Lou/Loula or Leia}|Rose
    Anna, Louise, Aoife, Kira, Charlotte, Caroline, Margaret, Nadia

    Luke|Alexander {Sasha or Sander}| James {Jamie} | Nathan
    Joseph, David, Quentin, August, Ira, Francis, Eliot, Leo, Erik, Truitt

    long | lists

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