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    His Name:
    Tobias Wesley McLean

    What does he look like?:
    Dark brown hair & green eyes

    Where you grew up:
    New York, New York

    Where you went to college:
    Brown University, Providence, RI

    His Career:

    How do you & DH meet?:
    Through a mutual friend
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    His name - Maxwell Andrew Walker
    Appearance - Dark brown hair, green eyes
    Grew up in - San Antontio, Texas
    College - University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
    Career - Lawyer

    Max and I meet at a wedding
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    depends on the day and the book...
    My name is Emily Jane Harper
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes
    I grew up in Savannah, Georgia

    I went to college at Yale University, New Haven, CT
    I chose Private Investigator as my career.

    After graduating college, I moved to Miami, Florida with my three best friends, Annabel, William and Mary-Paige and bought a small house with them.


    My husband's name is Theodore Samuel (Theo) Montgomery
    He has dark brown hair and green eyes
    He grew up in New York City, New York

    He went to college at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    He chose Neurologist as his career

    We met at a wedding.
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    DH: Jonathan Eric
    Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes
    Hometown: Washington, D.C.
    College: Brown University, Providence, RI.
    Career: Book store owner

    How did you meet?: Through a mutual friend

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    What is his name?: James Harry Reynolds

    What does he look like? (Roll)
    4: Brown hair & gray eyes

    Where did he grow up? (Roll)
    3: Jamestown, Virginia

    Where did he go to college? (Roll)
    4: Brown University, Providence, RI

    Next, go to this website and click "Love Chart" on the right side of the screen; it's the second one down. Find your zodiac sign and pick the match that is highlighted in red, or whichever match looks more appealing to you. That love match will be your make-believe husband's zodiac sign. (I hope that's not confusing in any way!)

    What is your husband's chosen career? (Chance)
    If he's a Libra...
    What is his career? Psychologist

    How do you & DH meet? (Choose)
    B: At a wedding
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