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  • Maeve Eliette Martin

    8 7.62%
  • Maeve Elethea Martin

    4 3.81%
  • Maeve Elizabeth Martin

    31 29.52%
  • Maeve Eugenia Martin

    11 10.48%
  • Maeve Imogen Martin

    18 17.14%
  • Maeve Isobel/Isabel Martin

    33 31.43%
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    One more vote... the narrowed list!

    Thanks to everyone who replied to the previous thread regarding our baby's middle name options.
    Here is the narrowed list (all 'E' and 'I' names, in an attempt to keep the sweet MEM or MIM initials and therefore another nickname option).

    Thanks for your input...!!

    Maeve ______ Martin

    PS. Please tell me this alliteration is really ok!? I keep second guessing myself about it, but we both just love the fn Maeve, and it took us ages to get this far!

    Thanks everyone.
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    Maeve is a beautiful name and I love your idea of having MIM or MEM initials. Maeve Martin is great and the alliteration isn't a problem imo.

    I voted for Maeve Imogen, but I also really like Maeve Isobel and Maeve Elisabeth. Good luck!
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    I voted for Maeve Imogen as well. So spunky and feminine! I like the alliteration of Maeve Martin.

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    I went for Maeve Imogen! Maeve Martin is classy, not even remotely tacky.
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    I also voted for Maeve Imogen, but Elizabeth was a close contender. Maeve Martin is cute! Especially since you have the long-a in MAYV and the soft a in MAHR-tin Congratulations!
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