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    When Amelia is 23, she gets married and has a baby not long after that. YAY! You’re finally a grandma!

    Amelia's Family

    Husband: Sebastian Rory Pryce
    DD1 - Delilah Cathrine Pryce
    DD2 - Alannah Juliette Pryce
    DD3 - Hermione Ruth Pryce
    DS1 - Everett Dillan Pryce
    DD4 - Lillian Serena Pryce
    DS2 - Conor Dorian Pryce

    Your children are all grown, and they quickly follow in Amelia's footsteps of getting married and having children of their own. Your house is full of grandbabies, and you or Dylan don’t mind one single bit.

    Zachary's Family

    Wife: Olivia Fleur Whitaker
    DS1 - Reagan Matthias Whitaker
    DD1 - Ada Lucille Whitaker
    DD2 - Leila Phoebe Whitaker
    DD3 - Julianne Perla Whitaker
    DS2 - Ellis Vaughn Whitaker

    Jasmine's Family:

    Husband: Bradley Ewenn Sanna
    DD1 - Maribel Rosemary Sanna
    DS1 - Austyn Hugh Sanna
    DS2 - Elliott Merlin Sanna
    DS3 - Orian Nathanial Sanna
    DD2 - Lara Yvonne Sanna
    DD3 - Amina Dorothy Sanna

    Rosalie's Family:

    Husband: Benjamin Riley Gass
    DS - Brendan Earle Gass

    Rachel's Family:

    Husband: Joel Enrique Novak
    DS1 - Ashley Cade Novak
    DD1 - Catalina Ellen Novak
    DS2 - Oliver Tristan Novak
    DD2 - Ciera Judith Novak

    Eliza's Family:

    Husband: Liam Jonathan Rybar
    DD1 - Anabel Selene Rybar
    DS1 - Joseph Alexander Rybar

    Alena's Family:

    Husband: Theodor Kevin Bosko
    DD1 - Rose Carolina Bosko
    DS1 - Channing Tomas Bosko

    Nathanie's Family:

    Spouse: Élodie Maud Whitaker
    DS - Rohan Jacob Whitaker
    DD - Elizabeth Noelle Whitaker

    --- Megan Janaya Whitaker
    --- Dylan Miles Whitaker

    ------ Amelia Kate Pryce
    ------ Sebastian Rory Pryce
    --------- Delilah Cathrine Pryce
    --------- Alannah Juliette Pryce
    --------- Hermione Ruth Pryce
    --------- Everett Dillan Pryce
    --------- Lillian Serena Pryce
    --------- Conor Dorian Pryce

    ------ Zachary Zade Whitaker
    ------ Olivia Fleur Whitaker
    --------- Reagan Matthias Whitaker
    --------- Ada Lucille Whitaker
    --------- Leila Phoebe Whitaker
    --------- Julianne Perla Whitaker
    --------- Ellis Vaughn Whitaker

    ------ Jasmine Fleur Sanna
    ------ Bradley Ewen Sanna
    --------- Maribel Rosemary Sanna
    --------- Austyn Hugh Sanna
    --------- Elliott Merlin Sanna
    --------- Orian Nathanial Sanna
    --------- Lara Yvonne Sanna
    --------- Amina Dorothy Sanna

    ------ Eliza Megan Rybar
    ------ Liam Jonathan Rybar
    --------- Anabel Selene Rybar
    --------- Joseph Alexander Rybar

    ------ Rosalie Pearl Gass
    ------ Benjamin Riley Gass
    --------- Brendan Earl Gass

    ------ Rachel Penelope Novak
    ------ Joel Enrique Novak
    --------- Ashley Cade Novak
    --------- Catalina Ellen Novak
    --------- Oliver Tristan Novak
    --------- Ciera Judith Novak

    ------ Alena Madeleine Bosko
    ------ Theodor Kevin Bosko
    --------- Rose Carolina Bosko
    --------- Channing Tomas Bosko

    ------ Nathaniel James Whitaker
    ------ Élodie Maud Whitaker
    --------- Rohan Jacob Whitaker
    --------- Elizabeth Noelle Whitaker

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