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    When Charlotte is 23, he/she gets married and has a baby not long after that. YAY! You’re finally a grandma!


    What is Charlotte’s spouse’s name?
    Leo Donovan Depont

    What is Charlotte’s new last name?

    How many children does Charlotte have?

    Boy or girl?

    What is the baby’s name?
    Effie Margaret Depont

    Boy or girl?

    What is the baby’s name?
    Benjamin Scott Depont

    What are Charlotte & Leo’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Effie
    Grandbaby 2: Ben

    Your children are all grown, and they quickly follow in Charlotte’S footsteps of getting married and having children of their own. Your house is full of grandbabies, and you or Miles don’t mind one single bit.

    Harvey Everett Madison Moss

    Who does Harvey marry?
    Carla Judith Ross

    How many children does Harvey have?

    Boy or girl?

    What is the baby’s name?
    Joseph Benjamin Moss

    What are Harvey & Carla’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Joe

    Marguerite Maeva

    Who does Margot marry?
    Javier Hugo Bernard

    What is Margot ’s new last name?

    How many children does Margot have?

    Boy or girl?
    3 girls

    What are Margot & Javi’s children’s names? .
    Grandbaby 1: Edna Jennifer Bernard
    Grandbaby 2: Eshter Melody Bernard
    Grandbaby 3: Edith Jacqueline Bernard

    Nalha Blair

    What is Nalha’s spouse’s name?
    Thomas Raphaël Diaz

    What is Nalha’s new last name?

    How many children does Nalha have?

    Boy or girl?
    1 boy, two girls

    What are Nalha & Tom’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Vincent Charles Diaz
    Grandbaby 2: Catherine Audrey Diaz
    Grandbaby 3: Rosemary Evelyn Diaz

    Nevaeh Bronte

    Who does Neva marry?
    Michael Samuel Kato

    What is Nevaeh’s new last name?

    How many children does Nevaeh have?

    Boy or girl?
    One girl and one boy

    What are Nevaeh & Mike’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Brooke Melissa Kato
    Grandbaby 2: Richard Michael Kato

    Seraphina Rebecca Jones

    Who does Sera marry?
    Lucas Émilien Simon

    What is Seraphina’s new last name?
    She has keeps her maiden name too, Simon Jones

    How many children does Sera have?

    Boy or girl?
    2 girls

    What are Seraphina & Luca’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Brenna Madeleine Simon Jones
    Grandbaby 2: Cassidy Sarah Simon Jones

    Alena Alexis Josephine

    Who does Ale marry?
    Tobias Sebastian Zabat

    What is Ale’s new last name?

    How many children does Ale have?

    Boy or girl?
    2 boys & 2 girls

    What are Toby & Ale’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Tyler James Zabat
    Grandbaby 2: Kirsten Arielle Zabat
    Grandbaby 3: Curt Clifford Zabat
    Grandbaby 4: Petra Carlotta Zabat

    Brandon Nathaniel Moss

    Who does Brandon marry?
    Emma Maëlle Bo

    How many children does Brandon have?

    Boy or girl?
    1 boy and one girl

    What are Brandon & Emma’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Noah Blake Moss
    Grandbaby 2: Isabella Willow Moss
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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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