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    The Lennon Family

    -- Miles Dexter Lennon, Sr. & Jocelyn Elisabeth {Buckley} Lennon

    Theo Barnaby Lykke & Rachel Theresa {Lennon} Lykke
    -- Dominic Jerome Lykke
    -- Layla Margaret Lykke
    -- Nathan Theodore Lykke
    -- Valerie Patricia Lykke
    -- Camille Nancy Lykke
    -- Felix Edmund Lykke

    Josiah Francis Lennon & Maya Bethany {Wentrcek} Lennon
    -- Shane Malachi Lennon
    -- Claire Ruth Lennon
    -- Matthew Thomas Lennon
    -- Aubrey Faith Lennon

    Tobias Samuel Havelka & Elodie Ines {Lennon} Havelka
    -- Felicity Sabrina Havelka
    -- Preston Scott Havelka

    Kieran Oscar Merlo & Aria Jocelyn {Buckley} Merlo
    -- Sonia Renee Merlo
    -- Alana Hope Merlo
    -- Rebecca Eden Merlo
    -- Eliza Therese Merlo
    -- Gregory Scott Merlo

    Miles Dexter Lennon, Jr. & Victoria Esther {Slazak} Lennon
    -- Anissa Rose Lennon
    -- Blaise Roderick Lennon
    -- Bryce Rhett Lennon

    Michael Dennis Lennon, Sr. & Sanna Isabelle {Zabat} Lennon
    -- Michael Dennis Lennon, Jr.
    -- Jacob Andrew Lennon
    -- Lauren Samantha Lennon
    -- Connor Timothy Lennon

    Tafari William Lennon & Amanda Celine {Ybarra} Lennon
    -- Kyle Joseph Lennon
    -- Ezra Walter Lennon

    Adam Leander Becker & Shelby Olivia {Lennon} Becker
    -- Tatum Natasha Becker


    Miles & Jocelyn Lennon
    -- Rachel, Josiah, Elodie, Aria, Miles, Michael, Tafari, & Shelby Lennon

    Rachel & Theo Lykke
    -- Dominic, Layla, Nathan, Valerie, Camille, & Felix Lykke

    Josiah & Maya Lennon
    -- Shane, Claire, Matthew, & Aubrey Lennon

    Elodie & Tobias Havelka
    -- Felicity & Preston Havelka

    Aria & Kieran Merlo
    -- Sonia, Alana, Rebecca, Eliza, & Gregory Merlo

    Miles & Victoria Lennon
    -- Anissa, Blaise, & Bryce Lennon

    Michael & Sanna Lennon
    -- Michael, Jacob, Lauren, & Connor Lennon

    Tafari & Amanda Lennon
    -- Kyle & Ezra Lennon

    Shelby & Adam Becker
    -- Tatum Becker
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    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    ------ (B) ASA TOBIAS
    --------- (G) HATTIE ROSA TOBIAS
    --------- (B) GAVIN HUGH TOBIAS

    ---------(G) ALEXIS EDEN REINDER

    ------ (B) BRADY ARLEM
    ------ (G) CARLA
    ---------(G) SABRINA ERIN ARLEM

    ------(B) AXEL JACOBSON
    --------- (B) CURTIS ZANE JACOBSON

    ------ (B) KENNY ARLEM
    ------ (G) LEA ARLEM
    --------- (B) GRAYSON NICO ARLEM
    --------- (G) JENNA VALERIE ARLEM
    --------- (B) DEVIN MARCUS ARLEM
    --------- (G) KARA TAYLOR ARLEM

    ------ (B) ETHAN ARLEM*
    ------ (G) LUCIE ARLEM
    --------- (G) HOLLY VANESSA ARLEM
    --------- (B) ROCCO SETH ARLEM
    --------- (B) WESTON TRACE ARLEM

    ------ (B) ANTHONY ARLEM*
    ------ (G) EMILIA ARLEM
    --------- (G) AVERY VICTORIA ARLEM
    --------- (B) TREVOR MARK ARLEM

    ------ (G) MAIA ARLEM-HANSEN
    ------ (B) SANDER HANSEN
    --------- (B) BENNETT JONAS HANSEN
    --------- (G) CAROLYN AUDREY
    --------- (G) MICHELE VIVIAN

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    If you rolled an odd number in the beginning, use this storyline:
    A few months after giving birth to Theon, Celia announces she is getting married. You’re absolutely ecstatic. A year later, the wedding takes place.

    What is Celia's spouse’s name? [ROLL]
    1 –
    First name:
    Middle name:
    Name: Chester Pagan

    What is Celia’s new last name? Only play this question if Baby 1 is a girl. [ROLL]
    2 –
    Last name: Baris

    How many children does Celia have? 6

    What are Celia & Chester’s children’s names? Delete any non-existent grandchildren.
    Grandbaby 1: Girl; Amelia Claire Baris
    Grandbaby 2: Boy; Oliver Daniel Baris
    Grandbaby 3: Girl; Evelyn Victoria Baris
    Grandbaby 4: Girl; Geneva Martina Baris
    Grandbaby 5: Boy; Jonathon William Baris
    Grandbaby 6: Boy; Luther Theodore Baris

    Your children are all grown, and they quickly follow in Celia’S footsteps of getting married and having children of their own. Your house is full of grandbabies, and you or Lennox don’t mind one single bit.

    The Danvers Family:

    --- Jillian Elizabeth Benson Danvers
    --- Lennox Wyclef Danvers

    ------ Celia Adeline Danvers Baris
    ------ Chester Pagan Baris
    --------- Amelia Claire Baris
    --------- Oliver Daniel Baris
    --------- Evelyn Victoria Baris
    --------- Geneva Martina Baris
    --------- Jonathon William Baris
    --------- Luther Theodore Baris

    ------ Ruby Charlotte Danvers Vartanian
    ------ Adrian Noah Vartanian
    --------- Phillip Gabriel Vartanian

    ------ Jethro Finn Danvers
    ------ Ingrid Nora Simpson Danvers
    --------- Claudia Joy Danvers
    --------- Tristan Blake Danvers

    ------ Emmeline Winter Danvers Devine
    ------ Javier Ruben Devine
    --------- Kiara Monique Devine
    --------- Draven Julien Devine

    ------ Yen Vera Danvers Madden
    ------ Elias Oscar Madden
    --------- Miranda Grace Madden
    --------- Colton Shane Madden
    --------- Reginald Jay Madden
    --------- Alaina Precious Madden
    --------- Sophia Isabella Madden

    ------ Selena Catherine Danvers Lindquist
    ------ Christian Leo Lindquist
    --------- Olivia Abigail Lindquist
    --------- Zane Ashton Lindquist
    --------- Sawyer Paul Lindquist
    --------- Starla Odessa Lindquist
    --------- Valerie Anne Lindquist

    ------ Destiny Alexandria Danvers Solo
    ------ Max David Solo
    --------- Noelle Edith Solo
    --------- Ryder Preston Solo

    ------ Theon Atticus Danvers
    ------ Sara Laura Fellows Danvers
    --------- Logan Tyler Danvers
    --------- Jesse Calvin Danvers
    --------- Jacob Ethan Danvers
    --------- Hannah Kate Danvers
    --------- Maggie Nadia Danvers
    --------- Carter Quinn Danvers


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    The Armstrong Family:

    --- Hannah Lynn Cramsey-Armstrong
    --- Lennon Usher Armstrong

    ------ Aspen Sydney Armstrong
    ------ Luna Kennedy Armstrong
    --------- John David Armstrong "Jack"

    ------ Zane Zebediah Armstrong
    ------ Alva Isabella Armstrong
    --------- Emma Elizabeth Armstrong

    ------ Fleur Zahara Armstrong-Antoniou
    ------ Raphael Kylian Antoniou
    --------- Conrad Augustus Antoniou
    --------- Raven Josephine Antoniou

    ------ Abbott Hannah Cramsey-Auttenberg
    ------ Tristan Xander Auttenberg
    --------- Joshua Tristan Auttenberg "JT"
    --------- Sarah Michelle Auttenberg

    ------ India Jane Armstrong-Fonseca "Indie"
    ------ Alexander Callum Fonseca "Alex"
    --------- Edith Miranda Fonseca "Edie"
    --------- Margaret Rose Fonseca "Margo"
    --------- Caroline Sophia Fonseca "Carly"
    --------- Thaddeus Alexander Fonseca "Thad"
    --------- Daphne Isabella Fonseca "Daffy"
    --------- Agnes Noreen Fonseca

    ------ Isla Josette Armstrong-Vasquez
    ------ Filip Anton Vasquez
    --------- Daisy Charlotte Vasquez (twin)
    --------- Clifford Daniel Vasquez "Cliff" (twin)
    --------- Autumn Grace Vasquez
    --------- Harper Hannah Vasquez
    --------- Stella Miriam Vasquez

    ------ Ori James Armstrong
    ------ Lilou Amelie Armstrong
    --------- Ethan Charles Armstrong
    --------- Paige Melissa Armstrong
    --------- Madison Taylor Armstrong
    --------- Cameron Louis Armstrong
    --------- Olive Kathleen Armstrong

    ------ Bailey Claire Armstrong-Bartos
    ------ Mehdi Aurelien Bartos
    --------- Angelina Lily Bartos
    --------- Alexandra Grace Bartos
    --------- Arabella Kaylee Bartos
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    If you rolled an odd number in the beginning, use this storyline:
    A few months after giving birth to Honor, Maya announces she is getting married. You’re absolutely ecstatic. A year later, the wedding takes place.

    What is Maya’s spouse’s name? Felix Dylan

    What is Maya’s new last name? Hayes

    How many children does Maya have? 5

    Boy or girl? B B G B B

    What are Maya & Felix’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Hayden Leon Hayes
    Grandbaby 2: Sawyer Cohen Hayes
    Grandbaby 3: Viola Josephine Hayes
    Grandbaby 4: Everett Leland Hayes
    Grandbaby 5: Carter Roman Hayes

    Your children are all grown, and they quickly follow in Maya’s footsteps of getting married and having children of their own. Your house is full of grandbabies, and you or Mason don’t mind one single bit.

    Ava’s Family

    Who does Ava marry? Enzo Alexandre

    What is Ava’s new last name? Loyola

    How many children does Ava have? 1

    Boy or girl? B

    What is Ava & Enzo’s child’s name?
    Grandbaby 1: Jackson Malachi Loyola

    Miles’ Family

    Who does Miles marry? Nora Marie

    How many children does Miles have? 5

    Boy or girl? B G G B G

    What are Miles & Nora’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Bentley Colin Whitfield
    Grandbaby 2: Sadie Harper Whitfield
    Grandbaby 3: Thalia Noemi Whitfield
    Grandbaby 4: Dakota Carson Whitfield
    Grandbaby 5: Savannah Kate Whitfield

    Rocco’s Family

    Who does Rocco marry? Alba Nayara

    How many children does Rocco have? 4

    Boy or girl? G B G B

    What are Rocco & Alba’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Eliza Juliet Whitfield
    Grandbaby 2: Conrad Winston Whitfield
    Grandbaby 3: Eliana Geneva Whitfield
    Grandbaby 4: Cameron Fletcher Whitfield

    Matilda’s Family

    Who does Matilda marry? Ivan Mateo

    What is Matilda’s new last name? Nazarian

    How many children does Matilda have? 1

    Boy or girl? B

    What is Matilda & Ivan’s child’s name?
    Grandbaby 1: Joel Emmett Nazarian

    Landon’s Family

    Who does Landon marry? ClementineEliseElise

    How many children does Landon have? 2

    Boy or girl? G G

    What are Landon & Elise’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Victoria Kylie Whitfield
    Grandbaby 2: Valerie Frances Whitfield

    Cooper’s Family

    Who does Cooper marry? Selma Celine

    How many children does Cooper have? 3

    Boy or girl? B G G

    What are Cooper & Selma’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Zane Emerson Whitfield
    Grandbaby 2: Dahlia Michaela Whitfield
    Grandbaby 3: Azariah “Zari” Carly Whitfield

    Honor’s Family

    Who does Honor marry? Ethan Lorenzo

    What is Honor’s new last name? Rasmussen

    How many children does Honor have? 6

    Boy or girl? B G G G G B

    What are Honor & Ethan’s children’s names?
    Grandbaby 1: Chaz Holden Rasmussen
    Grandbaby 2: Rhiannon “Rhi” Audra Rasmussen
    Grandbaby 3: Zoe Tatiana Rasmussen
    Grandbaby 4: Melody Teagan Rasmussen
    Grandbaby 5: Violet Maci Rasmussen
    Grandbaby 6: PaxtonPaxHeath Rasmussen

    The Whitfield Family:

    --- Mason Ryder Whitfield
    --- Lyla Rhiannon Whitfield

    ------ Maya Rumer Hayes
    ------ Felix Dylan Hayes
    --------- Hayden Leon Hayes
    --------- Sawyer Cohen Hayes
    --------- Viola Josephine Hayes
    --------- Everett Leland Hayes
    --------- Carter Roman Hayes

    ------ Ava Lily Loyola
    ------ Enzo Alexandre Loyola
    --------- Jackson Malachi Loyola

    ------ Miles River Whitfield
    ------ Nora Marie Whitfield
    --------- Bentley Colin Whitfield
    --------- Sadie Harper Whitfield
    --------- Thalia Noemi Whitfield
    --------- Dakota Carson Whitfield
    --------- Savannah Kate Whitfield

    ------ Uzoma Rocco Whitfield – ‘Rocco
    ------ Alba Nayara Whitfield
    --------- Eliza Juliet Whitfield
    --------- Conrad Winston Whitfield
    --------- Eliana Geneva Whitfield
    --------- Cameron Fletcher Whitfield

    ------ Matilda Winter Nazarian
    ------ Ivan Mateo Nazarian
    --------- Joel Emmett Nazarian

    ------ Landon Chase Whitfield
    ------ Clementine Elise Whitfield – ‘Elise
    --------- Victoria Kylie Whitfield
    --------- Valerie Frances Whitfield

    ------ Cooper Shawn Whitfield
    ------ Selma Celine Whitfield
    --------- Zane Emerson Whitfield
    --------- Dahlia Michaela Whitfield
    --------- Azariah Carly Whitfield – ‘Zari’

    ------ Honor Tamsin Rasmussen
    ------ Ethan Lorenzo Rasmussen
    --------- Chaz Holden Rasmussen
    --------- Rhiannon Audra Rasmussen – ‘Rhi’
    --------- Zoe Tatiana Rasmussen
    --------- Melody Teagan Rasmussen
    --------- Violet Maci Rasmussen
    --------- Paxton Heath Rasmussen – ‘Pax
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    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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