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    If you rolled an odd number in the beginning, use this storyline:
    Edward and you have made things work out. Your schedules are hectic between school, work, and caring for a child. The two of you hardly ever see each other. You go to school in the mornings, come home, and take care of Amelia. He takes care of Amelia in the mornings, then Lucy comes over to watch Amelia until you get home, while Edward goes to school, and then immediately after school, he runs off to work. It’s really harder on him than it is on you because you’ve dealt with a hectic lifestyle and young children your entire life – he hasn’t.

    The time rolls around where Amelia is almost a year old. Edward would like to fly to El Cajon to visit your family for a few days. After all, they haven’t seen your baby yet. Then, he’d like to fly to Lakewood to visit his family. This would be your first time in meeting his family. You’re nervous about both trips because as far as Edward knows, you only have a brother and a sister. But the two of you have made it this far and this long in your relationship. You’re sure that if you told him the truth about you’re family, he wouldn’t run away, like you’d originally thought. But now you’ve lied to him…and kept the lie going. You need to come clean. So you tell him the truth. He’s upset – very upset. He leaves the apartment and doesn’t come back for a few days. You have no idea where he went or what he did, but when he comes back, he apologizes and says he had to just get away from everything for a bit. He claims he hit his breaking point and he had to realize that you’re the only person he can actually trust, even if you lied to him about your family.

    A few months later, you fly to El Cajon. Edward meets you at the airport and takes you to your actual house. You’re surprised to see that your parents seem to be a little less “out of it” than they used to be. They’ve stepped up a little. But the older kids are still caring mainly for the younger kids. At least the house looks in better condition than it used to. You’re embarrassed, but you and Edward have been through everything already.

    You have a nice few days in El Cajon, but now it’s time to head to Lakewood. You say your goodbyes and leave your best friend and little brother behind. When you arrive in Lakewood, his entire family is there to meet you at the airport. There may only be 3 of them, but they’re all there. His family lives in a decent sized, 5 bedroom house. The two of you and Amelia get your own bedroom and bathroom – a mini-master. Amelia’s sister, Emma Harlow Vaughn has her own room, her 3 year old son, Elijah Alexander Vaughn has his own room, Edward’s parents have their own room, and then there’s the playroom/study. You’re shocked to find out that Edward has a child. He’d mentioned her a few times, but had never said anything about a baby. But you realize that this may be the reason his parents were instantly financially supportive of the two of you when you got pregnant.

    You enjoy your stay in Lakewood. His parent’s spoil Amelia to death, the same as they do Elijah. Amelia and Elijah get along great, and you hope they can grow up together. By the time you leave Lakewood, you feel as though you’ve truly become part of their family. You talk with Edward about moving around that area after college, so you can be close to his family and Amelia can grow up with Elijah.

    5 months later, Edward pops the question. You, of course, say “YES!”

    The two of you graduate college and follow through with your plans to move to Lakewood. You both find jobs quickly and are able to move into a very nice 3 bedroom house. Amelia goes to Grandma & Grandpa’s house while you’re at work, and you feel like your entire life is right where it should be.

    What does your house look like? [CHANCE]
    If you prefer Summer

    Good thing you got a 3 bedroom house because a few months later, you wind up pregnant. You give birth when Amelia turns 3.

    Is it a boy or a girl? [CHANCE]
    If you have brown hair, it’s a boy.

    What does the baby look like? Answer according to yours and your boyfriend’s appearances from part 1.

    If you have red hair & brown eyes:
    Boy -

    What’s your baby’s name? [ROLL]
    Odd –
    Boy or girl first name:
    Boy or girl middle name:
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