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    ODD NUMBER: Your name is Rachel Joy Harris and you’re 18 years old. You’re the oldest of 9 kids and you’ve lived a life full of responsibility. You’re parents were breeders of children, that’s for sure, but they weren’t really good at raising them. You’ve always felt responsible for the well-being of your little brothers and sisters. You’ve worked odd and end jobs for as long as you can remember, and have held a steady job all through high school. Now that you’ve graduated, you want to go to college with the money you’ve been saving up, but you’re afraid to leave the little ones behind and they don’t want you to leave either. Your little brother, Kenneth Royce Harris promises he’ll look out for them and call you if he needs your help. He’s followed in your footsteps in caring for them, which isn’t hard to imagine, since he’s only a year younger than you. The two of you are the real parents in this family. Ken convinces you to follow your dreams.

    What do you look like? [ROLL]

    3. Blond hair, brown eyes:

    Where do you currently live? [ROLL]

    6. Plano, Texas

    Where are you going to college? [ROLL]

    3. Ohio University in Athens, Ohio

    What are you majoring in? [ROLL]
    1. Your choice in a Science-related field. (Biology)

    Over the next few months, you successfully adjust to college life. Your roommate has become your best friend. Her name is Edith Claire Quimby and she happens to have a couple of classes with you too. She’s introduced you to some of her friends. One of which is a cute boy.

    What’s his name? [CHANCE]

    If you’re wearing a pink shirt, his first and middle names come from:

    Garrett Lucas O'Brian

    What color hair does he have? [ROLL]

    4. Blond

    What color eyes does he have? [ROLL]
    1. Blue

    Where is he from? [ROLL]

    5. Little Rock, Arkansas

    What is he majoring in? [ROLL]

    3. Your choice in a Science-related field. (Genetics)

    After 6more months, you start to wonder if Garrett sees you as more than a friend. You’ve been to a couple of parties with him and he seems to be near you at almost any given moment. Of course, you don’t mind one bit, but you’d like to know for sure. You want to ask him how he feels, but you’re too scared and nervous. So you talk to your roommate about him. She tells her boyfriend, who in turn tells Garrett. Now that he knows you see him the same way he sees you, the next time he sees you, he confesses his feelings. You couldn’t be happier. The two of you are now officially dating.

    If you rolled an odd number in the beginning, use this storyline:
    You call your brother, Ken and tell him. Ken wants to meet Garrett right away. You convince Ken to wait until the semester’s over. Then you talk to Garrett about flying home with you after the semester’s over to meet your brother. Garrett suggests meeting the whole family, instead of just your brother. You’re embarrassed by your background, so you tell him that your parents won’t be able to make it. You call you friend back home, Lola James and ask her if you can use her house to pretend it’s yours. You’re too embarrassed and ashamed of your own raggedy house to have your boyfriend see it in the shambles it’s in. She agrees. You call your brother and explain that he is to bring only the sister directly under him in age, Mary Blanche Harris. None of the other children are to come. You’re afraid your younger siblings may scare him off. Ken agrees.

    The months leading up to the big event make your stomach churn, but you’re always happy and carefree whenever you’re around Garrett. Finally the big day is here. The two of you fly back to your hometown of Plano, Texas. You take a taxi from the airport to Lola’s house, implying to Garrett that it’s your own. When you get there, the first thing you do is fly into Ken’s arms. Then Mary comes out. You introduce Garrett to them. You all head out to dinner at a local diner and you’re so pleased to see how well your siblings are getting along with Garrett.

    At the end of the night, the two of you expire to your hotel room. This is the first night the two of you spend together completely alone. Dorm rooms don’t really have much privacy. The two of you enjoy the privacy so much, you don’t even leave the hotel the next day. But the day after that is your last day in town. You don’t have enough money to spend 3 nights at a hotel, but you don’t have anywhere else to stay. So the two of you spend the day hanging out with your brother. You hate leaving him behind, but you have to, and as you’re hugging him goodbye, he tells you that he thinks Garrett is a great guy.

    You return to Athens happy about your visit, and your college life resumes.

    Story to be continued…

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