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    Help me narrow it down?

    I have 10 boys names and 10 girls names that I really love; and since I've decided not to learn the sex of the baby, I need to have a top choice for either gender. So, please help me narrow it down!

    The Girls Top 10
    Amelia Rose
    Samantha Jean
    Brookelyn Marie
    Ava Lynn
    Ashlyn Caroline
    Althea Joan
    Bridget Hope
    Elizabeth Gertrude
    Reanna May
    Cassidy Faith

    The Boys Top 10
    Austin James
    Matthew Thomas
    Bradley Connor
    Aiden Michael
    Avan Kain
    Collin Mathias
    Noah Lucas
    Jackson Travis
    Tyson Randall
    Richard Davis

    Please post honest opinions for me to go by (:

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