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    Help me narrow it down?

    I have 10 boys names and 10 girls names that I really love; and since I've decided not to learn the sex of the baby, I need to have a top choice for either gender. So, please help me narrow it down!

    The Girls Top 10
    Amelia Rose
    Samantha Jean
    Brookelyn Marie
    Ava Lynn
    Ashlyn Caroline
    Althea Joan
    Bridget Hope
    Elizabeth Gertrude
    Reanna May
    Cassidy Faith

    The Boys Top 10
    Austin James
    Matthew Thomas
    Bradley Connor
    Aiden Michael
    Avan Kain
    Collin Mathias
    Noah Lucas
    Jackson Travis
    Tyson Randall
    Richard Davis

    Please post honest opinions for me to go by (:

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    From your girls list I love:

    1. Amelia Rose
    2. Ashlyn Caroline
    3. Ava Lynn

    From your boys list I love:

    1. Aiden Michael
    2. Aven Kain
    3. Collin Mathias

    Girls names I like:

    1. Samantha Jean
    2. Bridget Hope
    3. Cassidy Faith
    4. Reanna May

    Boys names I like:
    1. Noah Lucas
    2. Bradley Connor
    3. Jackson Travis
    4. Matthew Thomas

    Girls names I like the least:
    1. Brookelyn Marie - I've never liked Brookelyn.
    2. Elizabeth Gertrude - I'm fine with Elizabeth, it's Gertrude I don't like. It just sounds very old to me.
    3. Althea Joan - I just don't like this combo. Maybe with other mn's this would sound good, or with other fn's joan would sound good, but together I just don't like it.

    Boys names I like the least:
    1. Austin James - Austin is just another place name I generally dislike, like Brookelyn.
    2. Richard Davis - I don't like Richard or it's nns. Davis is nice though.
    3. Tyson Randall - This makes me think of Tyson chicken plant, which is near where I live and it's an awful place to live near. I also don't like Randall. The Tyson thing is of course only to me and won't bother a lot of other people.

    It's not that the names I don't like aren't fine names, it's just that I like them the least out of the other names for one reason or another. I hope this helps at all. good luck!

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    My favorites from your list:
    Amelia Rose- classic, beautiful and sweet
    Althea Joan- unique but has a great history
    Bridget Hope- Sweet, I love the mn Hope

    Names that are ok:
    Samantha Jean- I actually really like the name Samantha, but to me it's just a little dated
    Elizabeth Gertrude- You can't go wrong with a classic, but it's safer and more commonly heard
    Reanna May- There really isn't any thing wrong with this name, Reanna is just a little harsh sounding for my tastes
    Cassidy Faith- I like the rhythm and flow of this name

    My least favorites:
    Brookelyn Marie- It's not my favorite spelling, and Brooklyn feels a little trendy when compared to your other names
    Ava Lynn- I think Ava is gorgeous, but soo popular right now, I'm afraid it'll feel dated in the near future
    Ashlyn Caroline- I'm just not a big fan of Ashlyn, though I think Caroline is beautiful!

    My favorites:
    Austin James- LOVE this, it's cool, classic and very handsome (and makes me think of Jane Austen)
    Collin Mathias- Again, this is a great name, familiar, but not used that often
    Noah Lucas- I have a soft spot for Noah, it's simple but makes a statement

    Names that are ok:
    Matthew Thomas- Nothing wrong with this name, but since it is classic, it's used and been used quite frequently
    Bradley Connor- Ok, but for me Bradley feels a little dated
    Jackson Travis- A good name, nothing wrong with it, Jackson is just a little trendy for me
    Richard Davis- I like this name, but it all depends on what nn (if you're using a nn) you choose. My favorites are Ritchie/Hitch

    My least favorites:
    Aiden Michael- Way too trendy, and I think it's going to feel dated in the future
    Avan Kain- It seems like a masculinized version of the really popular Ava
    Tyson Randall- Tyson just seems to be trying too hard to be manly, but that's probably because of the few Tyson's I've met

    I hoped this helps! I tried to be as completely honest as I could!
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    Althea Joan is lovely! Out of all the names, that one really struck me as something really extraordinary.
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    My favorites from your girls are: Amelia Rose & Bridget Hope

    My favorites from your boys are: Aiden Michael, Matthew Thomas, & Noah Lucas (but there were lots of good ones)

    Good Luck

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