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    We have one daughter and I'm having our second child next week, so we're already at 2. I came from a family of 5 kids and my DH was one of 6 so we both grew up in families with plenty of children. I depends on our financial state when the time comes but I think we'll want about 4-5. We want to wait at least 2 years after our second child is born to have our 3rd so it depends on whether we can afford to have any more after that.

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    I'd like 4, my partner thinks I'll 'give up' at 2.
    I guess we'll see, you never know, our fertility is untested, perhaps we'll struggle for 1.
    We're both the eldest of 2.

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    Four but we have one if each now and I think we might be done

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    I'd say four or five would be my limit. But like everything in life it would depend on many different factors. Right now I am only nineteen and have never been in a seriously relationship so I am yet to make a decision about that. I'd love to have four; but three seems more realistic and by the same token four and two are referred to as 'the perfect number.' So we shall see. I am one of two, although I come from a huge family, which meant that I grew as the eldest of four (myself, male cousin, female cousin and my brother.) So our house has always been filled with laughter and imagination. I truly never felt like it was just me and my younger brother. Especially when you have 20-30 immediate cousins!
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    My max would be 5 as I'm not willing to give up on regular sized cars. I would prefer 4 children, the first two spaced no more than two years apart, then a gap and then the next two spaced no more than two years apart. The dynamic seems to work out better, younger, when you have even numbers close in age.
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