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    I would prefer 3 and I think 6 would probably be my max, any more than that and some kid may feel neglected.
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    SO says no more after this one, which gives us a total of 3!

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    @vicioustrollop, what you said is sort of what happened to my parents. My dad thought 3 was good, my mom 6. They were sort of trying to stop at 3 but accidentally had #4 and then accidentally got pregnant once again...and #5 and #6 were twins! So my mom got exactly what she wanted...and Dad ended up pretty happy with it, too.

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    I would really like to have one girl

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    I've replied to this thread in the very, VERY distant past, so I'll respond again (because there's a very slim chance that my thought process is the same.)
    At the moment, I think the MAX amount of kids I could handle is two, maaaaaybe four. I'm the second of three, and there's always been an imbalance. Someone is always left out. With two kids, they would have each other to play with; with four there would be two sets of kids to play with.
    I lean towards even numbers, and I know that I wouldn't want to have only one. Time will tell. I'm still young, and my max could change once I have a fella.

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