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    I have a no more kids than hands rule (for myself, no judgment on others). If we decided on a third, we would adopt. And only after the first two were well into school.
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    Well, that depends if you ask my husband or I. My husband already has three children, but has decided as of late that he wants at least two more. We recently found out that we are expecting our first together. I would be happy with several more children, but I will see what happens after our first two together. I always dreamed of having four or five children, and I do consider his kids as mine. So, if we do have two together, that will make 5. I think we will know when it feels right to stop.
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    I used to only want one child, 'cause I thought of myself as a career gal, you know? But then I began to think, and I realised I'd prefer to have a family, even if it impacted my career. This is all waaaay in the future, anyway, but I wanted 3-5 kids. However, I've been thinking, and I really don't think I'd be able to handle more than 2!
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    Since this is MAX....well, I grew up in a family of 6 and personally love it. To me, more kids feels more like a family. (I've known several other larger families as well.) So, 5-7 seems quite nice. Beyond 7 starts to seem crazy to me. I guess 7 is my mental max.

    Realistically? Well, when we got married we both said "at least 4"....even though DH grew up as one of 2! So we're on the same page in that sense. However, our life circumstances may lead us to go with less for various practical/logistical reasons...though, personally, anything less than 3 would feel incomplete to me, I think. Maybe we'll settle around 3-4?

    Then again, we're just now prg with our first, so we'll see how we feel once we actually experience the parenting thing!

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    Haha edited this post since I was so naive that time
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