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    I have two perfect children and I am content knowing my family is complete. Two was our planned number and we won't be going over it, I don't like the idea of a big family and unless we have an unplanned 3rd pregancy, we are finished

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    My MAX number would be seven. I've always loved the idea of two perfectly best-friend sisters and a whole gaggle of boys running around, so 5-2 would be perfect to me.

    Realistically, I think I would love four. The only way I would go over this is if I never had a son. I can't imagine living my life out without a son, so I'd probably get to 4 daughters before turning to adoption (making a grand total of five).

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    I'm a little surprised by all the large numbers too... the idea of 7 kids almost gives me a panic attack. I honestly don't know any family with over 3 kids currently... My mom is one of 5, and my husband is one of 4. Hmm.

    We're stopping at 2. It will actually be 3 for my husband, as he already has a 15 year old daughter from a previous relationship (if you could call it that, he was 19 and very immature.) Honestly, we would probably be alright with just Rowan but I've always said that I wanted 2 because I was an only child and I hated it. I want Rowan to experience a sibling. If we suddenly became very wealthy and had the resources for a nanny, I might consider a 3rd.
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    On our fourth right now. I think I'd like 6.

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    I don't have any, but ideally, I'd want four. It's enough to feel like a big family, but small enough for close friendships and a somewhat normal sized car. Plus, my childhood dream of ten just seems impossibly expensive (let alone a logistical nightmare, trying to spend quality time with each one). As one of two, I always wanted another sibling. But since I want my partner and I to each carry, four seems perfect – two carried by each of us. We might even hit the jackpot and get two boys and two girls. A girl can dream

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