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    I always wanted four, but DH is more of a two, maybe three person so I'm going to push him for three. Unfortunately we had some trouble getting pregnant with this one, and I'm already 26 so I'm hoping we can have three!
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    I agree about the transition from two to three being the hardest. It's all downhill from there. And I think that may be why so many families stop at three -- it's such a hard transition, and logically you would think it keeps getting harder, but not in my experience.

    I thought #5 might be our last, due to some health issues during his pregnancy, but now that I'm pg with #6, I keep thinking, hey, this isn't so bad. I don't really feel like this is our last. I'm in my early 30s and I don't have any major health issues, and I'm not feeling overwhelmed by the kids (most of the time), but we do have to consider things like money, a vehicle, space in the house, etc. We'll see. We've always just taken it one at a time, and I'm happy to keep that up. If we're done, I'll miss having little ones around, but I'll be glad to move on to the next phase.

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    We will being TTC soon for #1 and I'm pushing for 4.
    My DH is sure that he probably only wants 2 but I really want a big family. My grandmother had 10 siblings and then my mother was an only child and she wished she'd had siblings. I only had one younger sibling who was 10 years younger than me.

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    I'm not married and have no children, but once I do get hitched, I'd love to have 4 and maybe adopt 2. When I was younger I thought 8 was a good amount, but then it slowly went down to 6 and now 4 with a maybe adoption of 2. (Can you tell I like even numbers?)
    I'm the oldest of 2 and my parents told me they wanted 4 but were unable to get pregnant after my brother.
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    I am one of four kids and I loved it. My mum is one of four also and my dad is one of five. My partner has only one brother but ever since getting with me and meeting my family she wants us to have five kids!! I'd love four but I am extremely clucky (so much so that I have been working as a nanny for four years) so more than likely I will just want more and more! But nobody has more than 3 kids in my area because houses are super expensive. Might have to move!

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