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    Short Answer: I am the youngest of 7 and my DH is 6 of 8. We both loved growing up in large families and want one too. I am 25 and expecting our third in January. I figure that if we keep going like we are then we will have 9 by the time I am 36 which is when we would like to be completely done.

    Long Answer: My first baby was extremely hard for me. He cried all the time and I spent the first year of his life at my wits end. I definitely thought he would be an only child. Almost magically, he got easier at 1 year and we decided to have one more and be finished. My second was 1000X easier in every way and we are now more open to having a large family again. My first taught me patience, love, and to take it one at a time. I probably won't know how many I will have until I have had one too many . DH makes good money so that hasn't been an issue thus far, but will definitely affect our decision as we strongly feel that providing financially is a big part of being a responsible parent (Don't get defensive, I really sympathize with those who have fallen during hard times and accept charity or government support while they get back on their feet. I just think its irresponsible to conceive knowing you can't provide for your baby).

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    My husband and I each have one sibling so that's all we know. We both want two kids and I am pretty sure it's because of that fact, haha! I think it's really impossible to say until we're in that situation, though. Once we have one kid we'll know if we want another. Once/if we have another, we'll know if we want more. It's just too early to tell, I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrietsmummy View Post
    poptart- The move from three to four is the easiest yet, honestly. I found moving from two to three kids almost impossible. I felt like 'how does any woman do this?' but having my fourth has chilled me out, if anything!
    I'm really glad to read this! And I hope I'll be saying the same thing once baby girl #4 is born. I thought going from 2 to 3 kids was really very difficult too.

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    I don't have children yet, so who knows how my feelings will change when I actually have kids. I'd ideally like to have four children biologically. If I chose to have more than that I'd like to adopt them.

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    I want to stop at two, but if this baby is a girl, I know DH will want to try again for a boy as he is the only chance to continue his family's name. If this baby is a girl, and if he were somehow able to convince me to have a third and that baby was a boy, I feel like I'd want to have a fourth because I'd be afraid baby #2 would feel like we really wanted a boy instead of her, which is totally not true, but I've known too many second girls (with a younger brother) with "middle child syndrome" where they always feel like the odd one out and have issues with feeling not loved as much as the other two. I know DH will love this child to pieces whether girl or boy, but here's hoping he will be happy with just two, regardless if he gets his boy or not.



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