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    I always wanted a big family but after losing our first child who was 3 months old, I'm afraid. I have one daughter and for now, I think this is enough. My husband is trying to convince me to have more children though. He wants to have four kids. My anxiety is disappearing as Lucy grows up, so I think there's a possibility of having more
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    I can't see me having more than 2 + my step daughter. I know my DH would love a bigger family (he is one of 12!) but with time marching on the way it is 2 seems realistic.
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    Four. This will be our last baby. I don't think I could handle any more than this.

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    I want 2 kids, but my maximum is 3. I worry that in a household with many children, some may feel neglected. I'd rather have 2 equally loved children than 10 children always fighting for attention.
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    One, but my fiance thinks I will end up having two or more kids

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