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    I'm currently single and childless, but when the time comes, I'd love to have a big family. Three kids minimum, preferably four or more.
    Four is sort of my ideal, being at the age I am, but we'll see. If my partner and I are young enough and healthy enough and willing and able to provide for more, I'd love to have a bigger family, biologically or through adoption.
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    I'm the oldest of 5 and my hubby is 5th of 7 so we talked about how many kids we wanted before we got married... We both agreed on 3 max... I'm already 28 and we're not planning to start TTC baby #2 till next summer... I'd really love to experience one of each gender because my mom said boys and girls and TOTALLY different... When it came time to figure out family size I looked at pure economics, more than 3 we need bigger cars and a much bigger house if they all had their own rooms... So three works for us... Good luck to all the big families out there...
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    I am the eldest of two and my husband is the 2nd oldest of 6. We currently do not have children but will start TTC next summer. We want at least 2 but ideally we want 4.

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    I love my boyfriend's house of 5 kids, my family only has two. I want 4 or 5. I would love to be able to adopt. My "ideal" family would probably be 2 biological boys, an adopted girl, then a biological girl, then wait a little while and see if we can provide for another, whether it's a boy or girl, adopted or biological.
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    DH and I planned to have 3, but now we are leaning more to 4. My youngest one is alot younger than my two other kids and I think she will feel left out as she gets older.
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