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    I'm expecting #4&5 right now.
    I honestly never planned on having this many, especially this close together in the first place.
    And I feel like I'm done but who knows, in a few years when the twins are maybe 4 or 5...I'll consider having ONE more.
    Maybe I'll adopt.
    Who knows what the future holds.
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    If this counts, I don't want any

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    DH and I both agree on at least 2 possibly 3. (I'd actually like a big family, but obviously there are factors to consider there). We are both from families with only one older sibling.

    We just got married in January this year (2015) and due to my age (I'm 33 next month) and other health issues we only have short window of opportunity, so we plan to start soon.

    Ideally, I'd LOVE twins in there somewhere (DH says it would be great to get twins first pregnancy) but we'll have to wait and see. We would also both love to adopt or Foster, but would like our own children first. Also, Australian adoption laws (for international and Australian adoption) stipulate that you have to have been married a minimum of 2 years before applying, so that gives us time to start on our own family first!

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    I don't know if I responded to this earlier? I'll go again in case I didnt.

    I'm going to say 6. But that's an absolute max, not very likely. I think 5 children would likely overwhelm me.

    Our realistic max is probably 4. But I'd also like to foster, and could see a household with 5 children were they older. I do not forsee raising more than 4 from infancy/toddlerhood.

    Our plan is 3, possibly 4. I think for me, 5 would be pushing it. 4 might be pushing it, lol.
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    For a long time now I've wanted two kids, and if all goes to plan, that's exactly how many we'll have. At about age 14 I said I wanted 15 kids (enough for a rugby team LOL) but have certainly changed my mind since then! Having two kids means that we are financially not too stressed, and also I think my sanity would only cope with having two. I had wanted a smaller age gap, but it wasn't to be. I'm ok with it - actually, now I can see all the positives about the bigger age gap I'm really happy about it
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