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    Growing up I always said 10 or 12, and everyone laughed and said I'd change my mind. Then when DH and I were dating he said he'd like 8 (and I knew he was mine!). We are 25 and have three kids 4 and under, and don't feel even close to done yet. We don't have a number anymore, we're just going to keep adopting until we feel done

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    I am pregnant with out 10th, we have two adopted and this is our 8th biological. This works well for our family, and we are very happy having a large family. I think it is such a personal decision. Families no matter the size are a big commitment, so what ever works and how ever people can provide and do best for their children, to me is the most important... size of the family is whatever makes the couple happy
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I would love 3 or 4. I only had one sibling growing up, and no cousins and was always so jealous of all my friends from big families. I would love for my children to grow up in a big family.

    I think the people who choose to have anything more than 5 have to be crazy though! :P If that's what they want though, I say more power to them. The Duggars might have 20 but they are 20 well behaved and thoughtful children, unlike some I know who only have one or 2 in their family!

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    Three at the absolute most. Preferably two, one of each gender. I don't think I could ever have the patience or funds to raise a large family, three seems like a ton of children to me already haha.
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    i have 10 children ( yes 10) 6 biological and 4 adopted and my husband wants 'just one more!' i think there is not a number at which you should stop having children, but i do think that at a point in your age, enough is enough. i personally would never want to have more than 12 children, because even with 10 i regret that i cannot give them all the one on one attention that they crave as much as they crave it. so with 20+ kids, you will never have the chance to get to know your children on the level that they need to be know.

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