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    Dec 2009
    We have two, which is perfect for our family.

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    Nov 2011
    I am one of 2 and my husband is one of 3. We only know smaller families. I think I'd be lucky to swing him for 3 although I would prefer 4 over 3 because I like even numbers better for cars, family vacations, theme parks etc. But I'm thinking two or maybe three if it happens. Maybe adopting one our 2 of the 4.

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    California, USA
    My official name list is long but I've narrowed it down to 4 girl names and 4 boy names (that really stick out to me).
    With that in mind, I suppose I can sufficiently handle 2. But at most, 4.

    Also I don't like the idea of having an only child.

    Someday I'll look into adoption too.
    Regards, Amelie Holst

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    Qld, Australia
    Maximum, well DH only wants 2 (he is 1 of 2) I would be happy with that but would love 4 (I'm 1 of 3 girls and one of us is always left out so I think an even number would hopefully prevent that).
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    Saul, Arthur, Avery, Casper, Edmund, Gideon, Gabriel, Leo, Miles, Magnus, Ronan, Theodore, Tobias, Carlisle, Ignatius, Augustus, Peregrine.

    Alice, Fable, Beatrix, Cecilia, Ramona, Arcadia, Avalon, Gretchen, Illyria, Astoria, Reverie, Seraphina, Esme, Yvaine.

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    I would love 4 or 5 but DH only wants 2. I am currently pregnant with our second so we will see in a yr or two how we feel about more. I think I can push him to go 3 so that may be my Family..

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