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    I was the oldest of 4 and I loved it. I was also the oldest of 18 grandchildren and wished that we could all live in one huge home because I loved my family and all of us being together so much. (Obviously I realize that in reality that would have been a nightmare..) I had my first early and waited 17 years to have a second. Now I have 5, but when I'm at home it feels like 4 with my oldest moved out. I'm getting older and always said I would never have any kids over the age of 38 because of all the risks, so I would like to have at least one more biologically and adopt one. If it comes down to we can only afford one more child then I would love to adopt. 6 kids seems like a maintainable large family.
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    We want 4 or 5. We both have one sibling each. He with a younger sister, and I with a younger brother. (Both by 4 years.) But, our parents all came from families with lots of siblings. My mom is 1 of 3. My dad is 1 of 9. His parents both have 4 sisters and a brother.

    We both grew up wanting at least one sibling of the same gender, and just an overall larger family.

    We want to adopt at least 2 times, hopefully 3 or 4. We want at least 1 biological child (currently ttc/might be pregnant.)

    With adoption we could always end up in a situation where there are multiple siblings involved, or we could have surprise pregnancies, or any number of things. So, we would never set a "maximum."

    Realistically, we want 4-5 though. As many as we can afford, honestly. Especially when it comes to adoptions.

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    One. DH and I are very into our careers to have more than one.
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    I'm young so I'm not sure, but minimum of two and maximum of four.

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    I am 20 and still in college and considering graduate school, engaged but we're not financially stable enough to own a home let alone be parents so I have no idea when we will start ttc but I would like 3 or 4 kids (I am oldest of 3) but fiance says 1 or 2 because then we can provide for them better (he is oldest of 2). I require at least 2 :P
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