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    I believe that is a matter of faith, much like the Duggars. I trust that God will give us as many as He wants us to have. I also believe that God would not give us a child that we could not afford to take care of. If He gives us 1 or 21 we will know that however many we have, is exactly the number God wanted us to have I know a lot would disagree but I think faith is the only way to go!

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    @dillonsfan01 I totally agree with you! I would rather have more than less but how ever many He sees fit to give is fine with me!

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    We've talked about it, I would like 3-4, hubby says 2 ideally but would have 3 lol so I guess 3 is ideal for us, although I'd say 5 is good

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    I already have two kids, my girl first and my boy just recently. They were perfectly spaced apart (almost exactly three years apart) and I think in another two years I'd like a third. If my husband and I decide to have a fourth after that, it probably won't be for about five years. In a perfect world, I'll be able to have the girl, boy, girl, boy, in that order. I'm half way there! (Wow, I made it seem like a race, or a collector's auction... That's terrible. I'd be happy regardless of which gender I'm blessed with. I'm just a huge planner.)

    I think for four kids, Rosie, Milo, Alice, and Jemes sound like a really nice sib-set.

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    Expecting #7 and not done yet!

    had to weigh in on this question, since we are very much lined up with Duggars, though with a requirement of different name initials - so I guess our max would be 26, right? jk. We got a later start than they did, so I'm 38 and having #7 soon. Faith IS the way to go!


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