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    I have 3 and would like 1 more, but will only give myself one more shot at it early next year as I'm 41. If I was blessed with multiples I wouldn't mind.
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    I'm young (19) and in my head have always said I would love a big family. However, I know that many people are not gifted with children, so I'll be content with whatever I am given in the future.
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    I would want somewhere from 1-5 kids. Now I have Charlotte Elizabeth, Reese August, and Dominic Flynn.
    I am 27.

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    While both my husband and I are still adjusting to suddenly going from a one-child household to a three-children home, I could definitely see myself with more children, seeing as we are still financially stable in the future. All of our three children are adopted, but our daughters are actual biological sisters while our son is not. Because of this, I would absolutely love to expand our family to include another son or daughter or maybe even two! I think four to five kids is the ideal amount for me--that way, the family can be large enough to play football and volleyball together! However, my husband grew up with two other siblings and thinks three is perfect, but I'm hoping to be able to win him over when our family is ready to welcome more little ones into our home sometime in the future Luckily though, my eldest sister is expecting her fourth (yay!), so there will be plenty of cousins for my kids to grow up with (and I can craft that perfect family volleyball team

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    We would love to have 5 kids.
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