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    Max amount of kids?

    In honor of the Duggar's expecting their 20th baby the question is... what are the most kids you desire to have?
    Please no comments bashing the Duggars or large families like their's, or I will take this down.

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    We are expecting our third in March. I hate to say this is it-I would not turn down a fourth, but I think for us, that would be it. Although I keep telling the hubby that if we started when we were younger-we might have given the Duggars a run for their money!
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    DH and I are both 23 and I gave birth to our second daughter this past September. We plan to start TTC baby no.3 in January, and I'm pretty sure this will be our last baby.
    Although we're young, and we'd both love to have a fourth, its unrealistic financially for us to have more than 3 within say, the next 5 years. Should we be in a better position to have more than 3 in ten years, then who knows.
    Ideally I'd like 4, realistically, we'll be having 3.
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    Apparently we are agreed on 5. DH and I had a very entertaining conversation awhile back -- I thought when we married we had agreed that 5 was a good minimum (I have 7 siblings). His eyes bugged out and said he thought we had agreed that 5 was a good MAX (he has 2). Soooooo funny. Really we're just taking things one at a time though. I really thought we were done after our last one because I had been really sick (tumor, turned out to be benign) but we're really thankful for health and life in general right now! I think when it's time to be done we'll "know."

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    I don't have any children yet, but I'd like four. Hubby wants a minimum of three, max. of five... and he says preferably only one boy! First man I've ever met who didn't want all boys! lol
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