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    Cordelia is my favorite from either list. I would love to see that as a first name. I really like Victoria with your last name.

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    Isabelle - I think this is a lovely name that sounds great with Grande.
    Victoria - Another gorgeous name that flows well with your surname.
    Anya - I don't really like this name, but it sounds fine with Grande.
    Maria - I almost feel like Maria Grande has too much of the "R" sound, but I love the name Maria, and I think it could work.

    Combinations I like:

    Isabelle Joan Grande
    Victoria Joan Grande
    Anya Lynn Grande
    Maria Lynn Grande
    Maria Joan Grande


    Alice Cordelia
    Bella Joan
    Caroline Rachel
    Clarissa Joan
    Ellie Cordelia
    Eva Lynn
    Felicity Joan
    Fiona Lynn
    Hope Cordelia
    Josie Lynn
    Juliet Rachel
    Lucy Joan
    Madeline Rachel
    Natalie Joan
    Rose Cordelia
    Sasha Lynn
    Tessa Lynn
    Willa Joan
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    Love Isabelle! I think Isabelle Grande is beautiful. I like Isabelle Joan, Isabelle Rachel (despite its flow problems), Isabelle Cordelia, and if I could use Maria as a MN, I would vote for Isabelle Maria, too! All very beautiful, imo. My only issue with Isabelle Grande is that it sounds like "is a Bell Grande..." I doubt anyone would get that unless they worked at Taco Bell (like I do). One of the items on the menu is the Nachos Bell Grande. :/ I definitely don't think it's a deal breaker--it was just something I immediately noticed.

    Anya Isabelle, Anya Cordelia, and Anya Rachel are pretty, too. I love Rachel as a FN, too, and I think Rachel Maria, Rachel Anya, and Rachel Cordelia would be beautiful...

    The only real suggestion that came to mind was Sophie/Sophia/Sofia. I think Sophia/Sofia Grande sounds really good, and Sophie's an adorable nickname. Sophia Rachel Grande would be beautiful, imo.

    Good luck!
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