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    Has anyone heard of this name?

    Hi everyone! So my maternal grandmothers name was Annela, pronounced ann-YELL-ah, and she went by Nellie as a nickname. I love this name, and if I can convince my hubs, I'd like to use it but amend the spelling so pronunciation would be easier (Anyela). The problem is, I can't find anything regarding this name! Has anyone else heard of Annela or Anyela? I've searched for meanings of it everywhere but have been unsuccessful. My grandmother was Russian and Polish, if that helps.


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    There is a restaurant in Brooklyn with this name- so I have heard the word.
    The name Annella is listed in baby name wizard, but spelled with 2 ll's
    I also see Anyela from an AU website. Both have the same root Ann/Anna meaning, (grace/graceful).

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    Yep, It's a polish name. The moe common spelling is Aniela. It is the Polish version of Angela. I love it BTW!
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    I'll assumed this evolved through Anjela entering a language where J is Y. I can't recall if I've seen it before.

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    I haven't seen it before, but it's pretty and I've put it on my list of names to look into. Thanks!

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