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    Louisa? Helena? Caroline?


    I pronounce it with a Z but fear that many will think it's with an S sound. Maybe it's not such a big deal? Love the sound and the literary cred. Louisa Camille?

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    Re: Louisa? Helena? Caroline?

    Those are all lovely names, but I like Caroline best- it's the one that I would most likely use for my own daughter, and I love the nickname Cara or even Caro. Helena doesn't really have nicknames and I don't really like the nickname Lou or Lulu, which would be a factor for me in the decision. I don't think Caroline is boring at all, it's a true classic with royal ties as well as more down to earth nicknames. Perhaps you could combine some of the names? Caroline Louisa, Helena Caroline, Louisa Caroline, Helena Louisa?
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    Re: Louisa? Helena? Caroline?

    Love the Names but Caroline is my Fav an if I was having a Girl thats what I wanted her name to be caroline Grace! An we love the Name Helinah to was a pick for us to as well but were having a boy good luck with the naming

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    Re: Louisa? Helena? Caroline?

    Hey there!

    I love them all. All would be divine with your kiddos' names! Louisa is vintage chic, and much cooler than Louise, I think. Lou and Lu and Lulu and Lula are fun nicknames. Helena is sophisticated and lovely, and I think Nell is a cool "granny nickname" that would just be perfect for you! I say it [Heh-leh-nuh], like Helen with an A, but I've totally seen Helena with the [LAY-nuh] pronunciation on blonds and brunettes alike - it's not at all Spanish or Italian in sound. And Caroline. She's gorgeous! One of my personal favorites, and too classy and glam to be boring, for sure. Cara and Caro are perfect nicknames, and you'll get -line way more than Carolyn's -lyn, I'm sure.

    I'd say Helena - with the HELEN+A pronunciation - is my favorite for you. Helena Camille is very pretty! But, so is Caroline Camille or Caroline Iris. Louisa Camille isn't perfect just yet, but she's my third choice for you, so that's alright by me. I just love Helena "Nell" for you.

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    Re: Louisa? Helena? Caroline?

    Love all your names! If I absolutely had to pick, I'd say Helena, Caroline, Louisa. But really, they're all good.

    I say Helen-a, Caro-line and my Louisa is a z/sa mix. Weird. I never noticed that before. I have an accent!

    I say yes to all of them!
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