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    Aunts and Uncles Names

    I am always interested in the names of peoples aunts and uncles and how they very from different sides of the family.
    My mothers family is from Oklahoma and they seem to have very different names compared to my Dads family from Pennsylvania

    Moms Siblings and self
    Parents are Jewel and Edgar Estus

    Edgar Eugene (went by Gene)
    Susan Arlee
    John Ray
    Margaret Lee (my mother known as Marge)
    James Andrew
    William Marion
    Doyle Gene
    Jimmy Leon
    Kimberly Dawn

    Yes you read that right a James and a Jimmy that are brothers...I dont get it...never did, other than I love Jimmy to death and disowned James

    Dads Side
    Parents are Robert Andrew Sr and Mary Louise

    Judith Mary
    Robert Andrew Jr
    William Joseph
    Richard James (my dad)
    Daniel Edward Sr

    They go by Judy, Bobby, Billy, Rich and Danny....My Grandfather had horses growing up named Bob Bill Dick Dan and Maude...he always lamented that Grandma didnt let him name Judy Maude so hed have his full set...although their kids are not named after the horses it just turned out funny
    Favorite boys names:
    Timothy, Joshua, Joseph, Henry, Walter, Nathaniel
    Fav Girls names
    Juliet Eleanor, Abigail Jewel, Julia Katherine, Dorothy Mae
    Guilty pleasure: Wren, Emerald, Simon, Opal, Sky, Levi, Giada

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    Dad's side:

    Paul Hyrum and Patricia Dee 'Pat'

    Elizabeth Ann
    Susan Marie
    Paula Lynn - her father named her because he wasn't sure he would have boys
    Sara Dee
    Amy Carol
    Aaron Paul
    Andrew Jeppson (family name)
    Benjamin Roy
    Marc Edward

    Mom's side:

    James John III and Vicky Ann

    Kari Ann
    James John IV
    Christian Harvey (goes by Harvey)
    Frances Cloe (goes by Francie)
    Shannon Amy
    Starr Alexandra
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    Mom's side - from England, parents Mary & Reginald Owen

    Jean Mary
    Caroline Ann
    Stephen (not sure of spelling or mn)
    Michael (not sure of mn)

    Dad's side - from Iowa, parents Helen & Max

    Clarke Max
    Craig Max
    Drew Max

    Yes, all had their dad's name as a mn. And I think my grandmother was pretty renegade for her day choosing these names for her boys. An early name nerd in my family, perhaps?
    Mom to Arienne Christina, Vienna Claire, and Clio Victoria!

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