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    Can we ever find a girl name we can agree on??

    This is my first post but I need your opinions. We have a little girl due on Thanksgiving and her big brother's name is Carter Patrick. We like the middle name Mara as a nod to my husband's grandmother but need a first name that we agree on. Maybe you can give me more ideas to propose to him. I don't like super girly names and the LN is Kozielec so it's not easy to match.

    My likes:
    Harper (he hates)

    Hubby likes:
    Arrington (from his favorite Penn State football player, his other fav was Kijana Carter and that is our son's name. I worry about the football connection there)

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    Typed these and my "smart" phone froze. Here's take two
    Some ideas, let me know if I'm on the right track.
    Daylin Mara
    Avery Mara
    Bailey Mara
    Reese Mara

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    I like Piper Mara! Very cute. What about Keeley (Key-lea), kind of a mix of Tenley and Keelyn?

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    My favorite is Piper Mara, then Tenley Mara. Keelyn is ok but something about the sound of it rubs me the wrong way. I like Arrington but I feel like it would work better if you were having another boy instead of a girl. I wouldn't worry about the football connection. Perhaps your husband has another favorite player with a name that has a feminized version, such as liking a player named Christopher and then naming your daughter Christine or Christina.

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    Piper Mara is my personal favorite so far and he hasn't ruled it out but just hasn't gotten enthusiastic about it either. Yes, jewelle, you are on the right track, thanks for those suggestions too! My name is Katie Lynn and I am starting to feel like Keelyn is too much like my name but maybe that's why he likes it.

    So far, Arrington is the best football name suggestion he has come up with the NN Arrie but I think it does seem more like a boy name, especially since it first came up before we knew this was a girl. It's not a bad name but saying my kids names are Carter and Arrington doesnt let you know that I have a boy and a girl.

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