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    My girls

    15 year old- A hopeless romantic; she falls in love very easily and is waiting for her prince charming to come riding on his white horse. Hannah Rose

    14 year old- Shy and quiet; always wants the best for her family and is the most patient when it comes to getting what she wants.
    Eve Mackenzie

    12 year old- The helper of the family; is a complete tomboy and proud of it, is always looking after her older and younger sisters.
    Lydia Dawn

    10 year old- The most mischievousness of the group; loves to listen to music and is always rebelling for all the wrong reasons.
    Abigail Kate

    8 year old- Nerdy cute; is the most cute book worm you'll ever meet, being the baby of the family is used to getting everything she wants.
    Faith Audrey

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