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    gah, aiden is a dreadfully terrible name. i dont get why everyone is naming their kid that. what a stupid name.

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    @OP : Antigone was the name of the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta in Greek Mythology.
    You mention that the poster of the original list which you have edited picked out legitimate ethnic names as being weird, and yet you have left Ffion and Branwen in. Both of these are Welsh, and as far as I know, significantly older than a fair few 'normal' English names.
    Whilst I agree with most of the names on the list,many purely for spelling reasons, including the above names shows a degree of cultural ignorance.
    The "world" holds a vast range of cultures and isn't entirely centered on North America.
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    Some of the "names" are dreadful but the guy can't snark to save his life. I'm cringing here.

    I can't believe Ffion, Chloe and Olive are lumped in with some of that rubbish. The guy isn't an onomastician, that's blatantly obvious.

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    ....Violence? Latissue? Syfoni? Oh my eyes.
    Adriana Josephine,Alessandra Mary,Leah Susannah Claire,Mariana Abigail,Marisol Demetria,Caroline Michaela,Angelina Josephine,Susannah Loretta Fay,Leah Katarina,Eliza Cristina Joyce,Antonia Faith,Diana Jade,Audrina Rosemary,Sarah Guinevere,Catherine Ariadne, Jade Olivia *Nathaniel Malachi, Wesley Joseph,Gavin Daniel,Daniel Nico,Lewis Malcolm,Jared Levi,Jesse Levi,Connor Sebastian,Callum Wade,Keegan Jude,Quentin Dominic,Adam Elias,Calder Avery,Riley Shea,Adrian Daniel,Avery Shea,Joseph Dominic

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    Oh I have one from when i worked in a portrait studio. You are going to love it! lol!! La-a. It is pronounced la-dash-ah and the woman said and I quote " 'cause the dash don't be silent." I though OMG WTF!!!!

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