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    19 years have gone by since your last child was born. All your kids are now grown up and moved out. As the years go by, you're introduced to your children-in-laws and become a grandmother. You and Roland have quietly retired to your big, beautiful house, the same house you raised your kids in and the same house your future grandchildren will visit.
    House? http://farmingtonhillsrealestatehome...0697796338.JPG
    Where? Garland, Texas.

    What happened to your kids?

    Anna Lucinda (27) lives in Lexington, Kentucky and works as a Lawyer. Her husband is Gregory Erik (34), and together they have three children:
    Alexandra Kasey (6), Jeremy Albert (3), and Alyssa Robin (1). ~"Anna and Greg with: Lexie, Jem and Lyssie."

    Rose Athena (25) lives in Stockton, California and works as an Antiques Dealer. Her boyfriend is Eugene Russell (23), and together they have one little boy:
    Sullivan Shayne (3). ~"Rose and Gene with: Sulli."

    Ruby Josephine (23) lives in Boise, Idaho and works as a Public Relations Executive. Her boyfriend is Jimmy Craig (30), and together they have two children:
    Kaia Adrienne (5) and Hailie Annette (nb). ~"Ruby and Jimmy with: Kaia and Hailie."

    Scarlett Mirabelle (22) lives in Providence, Rhode Island and works as an Interviewer. Her girlfriend is Connie Dolores (25), and together they have two children via a sperm donor:
    Nina Elisabeth (1.5) and Brennan Zackary (nb). ~"Scarlett and Connie with: Nina and Brenn."

    Tobias Henry (20) lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan and works as a Computer Designer. His girlfriend is Emily Autumn (23), and together they have three children:
    Summer Bethany (4.5), Scott Vincent (2) and Erika Hope (nb). ~"Tobias and Emi with: Summer, Scott and Erika."

    Rebekah Naomi (19) lives in Lowell, Massachusetts and works as a Bartender. Her boyfriend is Logan Seth (20), and together they have one baby boy:
    Isaac Oliver (nb). ~"Bex and Logan with: Isaac."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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