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    Aubrey WAS a boy's name some years ago (see the SSA stats below for all male and female spellings of the name) but it wasn't very popular. It amazes me that people now hesitate to use it for their sons. Aubrey was No# 44 last year (that's only 5,337 girls). Parents are also choosing alternate spellings for their daughters (eg. Aubrie and Aubree). All spellings of the name amount to a total of 7,429 girls. Compare that to the No#1 girls name Isabella with its 22,731 namesakes. Don't let the girls scare you off. If anyone makes fun of your son and tell him that he has a girls name, he can always say that actually it's a boys name and history is on his side! I prefer it on a boy myself and if you love it then be a brave trailblazer and go for it!

    Popularity of the male name Aubrey
    Year - Rank
    2002 - 938
    2001 - 939
    2000 - 845

    Popularity of the female name Aubrey
    Year - Rank
    2010 - 44 - 5,337 girls
    2009 - 41
    2008 - 42
    2007 - 69
    2006 - 93
    2005 - 153
    2004 - 190
    2003 - 184
    2002 - 195
    2001 - 209
    2000 - 223

    Popularity of the female name Aubree
    Year - Rank
    2010 - 223 - 1,399 girls
    2009 - 286
    2008 - 277
    2007 - 319
    2006 - 426
    2005 - 572
    2004 - 727
    2003 - 639
    2002 - 709
    2001 - 749
    2000 - 754

    Popularity of the female name Aubrie
    Year - Rank
    2010 - 442 - 693 girls
    2009 - 437
    2008 - 471
    2007 - 505
    2006 - 600
    2005 - 735
    2004 - 858
    2003 - 850
    2002 - 980
    2001 - 914
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    Kelly, to some extent I agree with you, but I think it depends on the name. Kelly is not that common anymore for either sex, so I see hope for it being retaken by the men. I guess I don't know how popular it was when you were born, but when I see Aubrey making it *well* into the Girls Top 100 and not just as a fluke, that indicates a trend that I don't really want my poor son to have to deal with.

    I also generally agree with "don't let popularity deter you from your favorite name," though I see the popularity lists more as a tool than a guide. I don't want to end up the "clueless parent" who was so out of touch as to name a boy a top-100 (even top-50 depending on the year!) girl name, and I think the popularity lists provide that kind of data. In a few years Aubrey might be ready for reclaiming, but unfortunately I'm not sure that time is now, at least not for me, I was already a trailblazer on two other boys names (Caspian and Zephan) so this might just be taking it too far. tiffany86 might decide to go for it though! You have to make your own decision on when you gather as much info as you can.
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    Sorry, but I wouldnt do it. I like it for a boy, but have met too many girls with this name

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    I agree timing is everything. When Drake was born Aubrey Drake it probably wasn't that serious (BUT keep in mind this name has always rhymed with Audrey, which has been all-girl much longer), although it's interesting he's still chosen to go by Drake!

    But now? I think it's too much in Aubrey's heyday for girls. Look through the old blogs here - a man named Chelsea used to post, and while he made his name his own, and it wasn't all awful, I think he highly recommended against it.

    I think a little boy puppy named Aubrey would be super cute : D.

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    I absolutely LOVE Aubrey for a boy. Actually, it's my dad's name and my younger brother's middle name, and there have been at least a couple other Aubrey's further up my family tree. I hate that it's used so much for girls now, as I (for obvious reasons) don't find it feminine at all. I do remember meeting another male Aubrey maybe 10-15 years ago and he couldn't have been more than 3 or 4, so there are still male Aubreys running around. I wish there were more, but I think if it's your favorite boy name you should help it make a comeback for the boys.



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