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    West Midlands, UK
    I am Isabella Daisy, my husband is Stewart Reid. Our family lives in a beautiful house ( in Washington, DC.
    I am a 48 year old career counsellor, while Stew is a 53 year old librarian. During our peaceful marriage we have been blessed with four children;
    Our first child is a son, he is now 23 years old, and has recently moved out to live with his girlfriend in their first flat together. Upon birth Stew and I named him Tobias Henry.
    Less than 18months after Tobias, Stew and I welcomed our second child, and second son into the world. Sebastian James is 22 and still at home, with little prospects of leaving us.
    Now 20, my third pregnancy blessed us with a first daughter. Currently studying away at college, Rose Eleanor has left the house rather quiet.
    Our fourth and last child was a second daughter, Alexandra Mary is 18 years old and taking a year break before going to a nearby college.

    Despite the close age gaps between our children, they are all very different and have done their own things since they were very little. As young boys, Tobias and Seb presented us with the most challenge; where Tobes was outgoing and boisterous, his brother was content to sit quietly with a book, this caused a lot of grief between them. However upon hitting puberty, the boys grew out of their differences and began to appreciate each other... Our girls, on the other hand, become a massive issue. It felt like every day they were at each other's throats for one pointless issue or another. Still now, aged 20 and 18, there can be some rivalry there. With just Seb and Allie left in the house on a permanent basis, things have settled down, but I still miss the uproar that my children caused.

    Bella (48) and Stew (53) with: Tobias (23), Seb (22), Rose (20), and Allie (18).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Your name: Maia Renee Monnteal

    Your husband's name: Riker Eric Monnteal

    Where does your family live?
    6: Jacksonville, Florida

    What does your house look like?

    How old are you?
    6: 49

    How old is your husband?
    1: 53

    What do you do for work?
    8: Humanitarian

    What does your husband do for work?
    1: Author

    How many children do you have? 10

    Child #1
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 23
    Name: Mattie Audriana Monnteal

    Child #2
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 21
    Name: Paisley Fiona Monnteal

    Child #3
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 20
    Name: Kira Mallory Monnteal

    Child #4
    Gender: Boy
    Age: 18
    Name: Easton Orlando Monnteal

    Child #5
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 15
    Name: Camryn Mckenna Monnteal

    Child #6
    Gender: Boy
    Age: 13
    Name: Trevon Craig Monnteal

    Child #7
    Gender: Boy
    Age: 11
    Name: Rafferty Ezra Monnteal

    Child #8
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 10
    Name: Neve Rebecca Monnteal

    Child #9
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 7
    Name: Roisin Amelia Monnteal

    Child #10
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 6
    Name: Stella Alexis Monnteal

    The end!
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    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    Amanda Lauren Mitchell (45) + Evan Gabriel Mitchell (57)

    San Francisco, CA

    Amanda works as a computer programmer while Evan is an illustrator.

    DD: Meredith Karina (24)
    DS: Dylan Samuel (21)
    DS: Connor Tristan (19)
    DD: Sydney Nicole (18)
    Ds: Henry Brayden (15)
    DD: Courtney Jillian (14)
    DS: Rory Felix (12)
    DS: Liam Shane (10)
    DD: Lily Grace (7)

    Vote on my list!

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    Talia Luciana Waldorf Wellington
    Blake Grove Wellington

    Where does your family live? Seattle, Washington
    What does your house look like?

    How old are you? 45
    How old is your husband? 58

    What do you do for work? Wedding planner
    What does your husband do for work? Producer

    Mason William (24)
    Logan Cole (21)
    Riley Cooper (20)
    Carter Blake (18)
    Noah Hunter
    Madison Grace (13)
    Toby Owen (11)
    Lexi Sofia (9)
    Katie Ava (7)
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Your name: Melanie Christiana Duncan
    Your husband's name: Kyle Keith Duncan
    San Francisco, California
    Melanie is 53 and Kyle is 60
    Melanie is a computer programmer and Kyle is a speech pathologist
    They have a 24 year old son Wyatt Jacob Duncan, a 21 year old son Gavin Zachary Duncan, a 20 year old daughter Chloe Amelia Duncan, a 17 year old son Tyler James Duncan, a 15 year old daughter Ella Madeline Duncan and a 14 year old son Noah Riley Duncan.
    Wyatt, Gavin, Chloe, Tyler, Ella and Noah.

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