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    I LOVE the name Elowen, and Elowen Kate is hands-down darling.

    My dh and I have a "rule of thumb" that has been useful so far: if the kid gets an unusual first name, the middle name is common, recognizable and gender-specific. This gives them another option for later in life, in case they become weary of spelling their unusual name. Also, in our experience it's also very helpful in relieving confusion. For example, at the doctor's office the nurse will look at the chart and see that the middle name is Jonathan, so they correctly assume they will be addressing a boy. It has been a good "rule" for us so far.

    Besides, if older sister is actually called Tallulah Rose including the middle name with frequency, how adorable is it if the next little girl gets a name in the same pattern, and yet a totally unique name?

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    Love Elowen. Nothing wrong w keeping w flower theme middle name. My suggestion is Iris or Ivy. Instead of Star I'd go for Stella or Estella. Good luck!

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    Love the name Elowen! Elowen Cait is a great name. My one and only suggestion other then that is Elowen Paisley.

    Good Luck!

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    Elowen Kate, Pearl and Celeste are my fave. Love Elowen by the way, underused and gorgeous.

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    1 Elowen Kate
    2 Elowen Pearl
    3 Elowen June
    All the best,

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