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    Need some middle name help for Elowen, sister of Tallulah Rose...

    Hi Berries,

    We are expecting a baby girl in late January and we are planning to name her Elowen (a Cornish name I discovered on the blog Appellation Mountain - it means elm tree). We're stumped about a middle name. We'd love something simple - our last name is bizarre and sounds sort of like a name you'd find on a Cone Head from Saturday Night Live! Our elder daughter (5 yo) is called Tallulah Rose.

    Here are some thoughts so far, and I'd love your input and suggestions!

    Elowen Violet (is it nice or is it silly to have a flower name theme in the middle spot?)

    Elowen Kate (after my sister Caitlin and my best friend with middle name Kate.)

    Elowen Star (Too new agey? I am really into stars and outer space, and Elowen will probably be an Aquarius, an air sign, and stars somehow seem appropriate!)

    More options we're throwing around:

    Elowen Ivy
    Elowen Ondine
    Elowen Miette
    Elowen Pearl
    Elowen Faust (maternal grandmother's maiden name)

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Elowen Kate!
    Cecilia + Daphne + Ronan + Henry

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    Thanks! My sister agrees

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    I love Elowen, and Tallulah Rose is gorgeous! They're both such lyrical names.

    I'm usually not one for matchy names, but Elowen Violet was actually one of my first thoughts, even before your post loaded. It sounds great. I think that Elowen Iris would be pretty as well. I also like Elowen Ivy a lot, and I think that Elowen Faust is pretty cool given your family connection to the name.

    The one name that I don't really like out of your choices is Elowen Star. I agree that it's probably too new age-y. I do, however, think that Elowen Estelle would be kind of gorgeous. I don't usually really like alliteration either, but I guess Elowen is beautiful enough to make me be willing to break all of my rules.

    A few more suggestions, although I don't know if you need any since you have some absolutely lovely options already:

    Elowen Beatrice
    Elowen Coralie
    Elowen Maeve
    Elowen Cecily
    Elowen Adele
    Elowen Verity
    Elowen Lilias
    Elowen Lucy
    Elowen Daphne
    Elowen Margaux
    Elowen Amelie
    Elowen June
    Elowen Carys
    Elowen Ariel

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    I love Tallulah Rose and Elowen is beautiful and will make a great sister name. Out of your choices, I love Elowen Kate! (and bonus points for the family/friend connection!)

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